The COVID-19 has brought about crises in all aspects of social life including consumption patterns. The cannabis community has some of the friendliest and social people, which medics now say puts people at the risk of contracting the virus. If you are wondering how safe it is to use cannabis in the light of this information, it is good to have the facts straight, so that you can stay safe when using cannabis during this crisis.

Pulmonary complications

The World Health Organization says that COVID-19 brings about respiratory complications especially in people who have pre-existing conditions like asthma and bronchitis. If you are already suffering from some sort of respiratory ailment, you are at risk of deteriorating at a faster rate when you are exposed to the virus regardless of your cannabis use. The authorities have released a list of symptoms to watch out to assess whether you are in danger. If you suspect that you are showing these symptoms it is best to get a medical checkup at the nearest clinic. You can use your Leafwell medical card New York, to make sure you are safe from COVID-19.

Social distancing

Sharing cannabis is a common practice as is smoking in a group. This is a bit problematic because the COVID-19 virus is passed when people are nearby. This is because the virus can be carried in the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs when close to you. The authorities are advising observing social distancing, which is staying at least one meter away from the nearest person. It has not yet been shown that the virus can be carried by smoke. This means that you can still use cannabis with a friend but stay keep a distance when doing so. Shaking hands and other bodily contact is also discouraged.

No sharing

COVID-19 can get to you by sticking on something which you then bring close to your eyes, nose or mouth. This means that a person infected with a virus can pass the virus to you if you share a joint because the virus will be in the saliva on the joint. Stay safe by not sharing joints.

Observe hygiene

Medical authorities have stated that COVID-19 is spreading by sticking onto surfaces, which you then touch with your hands and get the virus when you touch your nose, mouth or eyes. This means you have to demand high hygiene from your cannabis kiosk and seller. You should also constantly wash your hands after getting back to the house and before enjoying your joint.

You can safely use cannabis as long as you observe hygienic practices and keep social distances when interacting with fellow users.