When looking at the future of your medical career, the question of which specialty you choose is likely to be foremost on your mind. However, depending on your needs and what is important to you, the answer could be easier to find than you might think. Pediatrics is one of the most popular career routes available, and here are some signs that you might be very well suited to it.

You like children

It might seem like this is a no-brainer, but there are plenty of doctors who chose a specialty in pediatrics, only to find that they don’t have the patience or fondness for children that are essential when dealing with them. This career has plenty of challenges, with some of the fussiest and most prone-to-tantrum patients that you might ever meet. As such, you have to be well prepared to work with them.

You want to advocate for child wellness

Diagnosing and treating children is naturally going to be a major part of your job. However, it’s also your job to advocate for the wellbeing of children that come into your practice. As such, much of your work may also involve taking the time to educate parents on the proper care and disease prevention of their child, much like a health and wellness coach would do for their adult clients.

You value job security

Family care providers and pediatricians are consistently amongst the jobs greatest in demand. They might not pay as highly as fields such as plastic surgery or radiology, but pediatricians are needed across the country at all times, as you can see with this job search at Practice Match. Moreover, it’s one of the fields in which it’s easiest to find an area as of yet unserved by a practice, if you’re looking to start a business.

You enjoy a wide array of challenges

If you are a lifelong learner and like to find yourself solving new challenges, then working as a pediatrician is a very easy way to find just that. Picky eaters, behavioral challenges, and the wide range of conditions you will help with will ensure that your skills stay sharp throughout your career. Blogs like Confessions of a Dr. Mom will give you a good idea of just the wide variety of situations you can find yourself working with, in this specialty.

You play a vital role in your community

A lot of people become doctors because they want to support and benefit a local community, and few people do that like a pediatrician. Not only do parents come to rely on you for the care of those most important to them, but you get to see many of your patients grow up through the years, as well. As such, this can help you build the community relationship that can be so important to a medical career.

Not every doctor is suited to a career in pediatrics. It requires a certain temperament and a real passion for the wellbeing of children. However, if you do choose that path, it can also be one of the most fulfilling specialties around.

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