Organic products mean that they have been obtained from the soil that doesn’t contain any pesticides or fertilizers. They are high in nutritional value and provide a lot of benefits to health. Thus, in today’s world, where it is pretty easy to find chemicals in almost every product, there is no better time than now to switch to organic.

Read on to know five best reasons why it has become so important to go green-

The Taste

One interesting thing about organic food is that it tastes better because the organic produce is allowed to grow at its own pace rather than speeding up the growth using synthetic fertilizers. Take the example of slow cooking. All of us love food when it is cooked slow. The same thing applies to fruits and vegetables. Organic food is known to have higher levels of antioxidants that enhance its delicious flavor.

Your Health And Well-Being

No pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or other toxic substances are used in organic farming or during the processing, handling, or storage. It means that organic products are safe to use from the moment you buy them. Certified organic farming makes use of natural substances and follows very strict criteria. While deciding which products can prove to be harmful, they consider the impact on human health and the environment.

According to the WHO’s International Agency for Cancer Research, the herbicide named ‘Roundup’ (Glyphosate) is classified as a ‘probable carcinogen.’ Moreover, insecticide chlorpyrifos is associated with the developmental delay in infants. It is so hazardous that the manufacturer has undergone mass tort lawsuits in the past due to the many people who have reported having complications after using these herbicides containing glyphosate. In addition to the lack of harmful insecticides, organic food is high in nutrients, such as magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin C, etc.

While a small amount of pesticides may not be harmful to you, the long-term exposure in everything from body care products to food will have a negative impact on your health in the long run. Thus, your health is the most important reason to go organic.

Soil’s Health

Though you may not think much about it, the dirt where you grow food is earth’s own world of nutrients, organisms, as well as crops working together. But, conventional farming methods throw this natural world out by overloading it with some basic chemicals, which destroys the soil’s health. Organic farming, on the other hand, uses only natural nutrients and improves the quality of the soil.

Think of the soil as your gut. A healthy gut has a great impact on the body’s immune system and health quality. One way to take care of the gut is to ensure that there is a right balance of bacteria. The same thing applies to the soil. The soil has its microbiome, and the frequent, long-term use of pesticides destroys the good bacteria along with bad bacteria present in it. Thus, for food security, it is essential to take care of soil’s health, making it necessary to turn to organic products.

For The Farmers

As pesticides and chemical fertilizers destroy soil’s health, the farmers rely more and more on these substances to grow the same amount of crops. Sometimes, they even get trapped in inescapable debts. You might have heard about the debt from agricultural practices resulting in farmer suicides. However, organic farmers rely on their own land, use their own inputs, and thus don’t need to buy fertilizers or new chemicals every year. This entails organic farming is sustainable.

Climate Change

Choosing organic helps deal with climate change. Organic farming has a low new energy footprint as compared to conventional methods. The reason is, most of the energy is produced using fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide. And, lower energy use means less climate change. Further, organic practices focus on improving soil quality. As a result, organic farms have high humus content that helps sequester the carbon over the long-term. This means the soil is eating up the carbon that would be released into the atmosphere; otherwise.