The coronavirus pandemic is a massive healthcare concern. It is certainly one of the biggest global health problems that the world has seen for a very long time. 

The situation is complicated and stressful and has an impact on the mental and physical health of everyone on the planet, as well as on our finances. 

During such a challenging time, it is essential that we all come together to try and help each other get through the pandemic. 

With restrictions on movement in place, it can be difficult to know who to help, and how best to do this. 

But how can you help those around you to get through these difficult times? 

Identifying Those In The Most Need

When you think about everyone that you know, it is almost certain that someone will be affected severely by the current situation. This could be in any of the following ways:

  • Financially due to a loss of income
  • Emotionally due to loneliness, worry, or due to additional impact on an existing mental health problem
  • Physically, due to a lack of mobility or because of symptoms

The pandemic affects all of our lives in many ways, and staying home, although necessary, can cause many people a great deal of distress.

Identify those in your life that will have been impacted the most by having to stay in, or will lack their usual support network as a result of COVID-19. 

Check-In On Those In Need

Pick up the phone and call anyone that you believe may be struggling. Checking in on someone can make a huge difference to their day. 

Find out if there is anything that they need. There may be some ways that you can help people. Offering to assist them in even the smallest way can help lower their stress levels and make them feel more connected and less isolated. 

Help With Practicalities

If you are helping out an elderly relative, they are a lot of worries and uncertainties. They may want to know will seniors get a check for coronavirus from the Government support package. 

By offering to help find out about practical matters such as this, and by assisting them with addressing financial matters, you will relieve them of a considerable burden. 

Find out whether they need any food from the stores. They may not be able to get out to go and buy any, particularly if they are in the highest risk categories for COVID-19. 

Any way that you can help those who need help the most will mean a lot to them. 

Remember To Take Care Of Yourself

Helping others is going to be essential during these difficult times, but remember to keep yourself safe and well. 

Avoid crowded places and don’t put yourself under undue risk of catching the virus, and remember to wash your hands frequently. 

Take care of your own mental and physical wellbeing by getting lots of rest and exercise, and by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet throughout.

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