As a medical professional or someone who works adjacently in the medical field, you know better than most how essential HIPAA compliance is to your work and your organization. When implementing software like eSign Genie, you may be concerned about legal aspects. The good news is that you don’t have to worry!

The Healthcare industry bears high stake transactions and information that have personal knowledge. We, at eSign Genie, understand how necessary compliance is for health plans, medical equipment manufacture, pharmaceutical companies, and medical providers, amongst others. That’s why our software is 100% HIPAA compliant. We also comply with government regulations regarding e-signatures and electronic documentation at work.

HIPAA: A Clear Definition

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996, and it governs a lot of personal and digital security in the medical field. This management is especially relevant to electronic health care documents and monetary transactions.

eSign Genie offers compliance with our documentation, but it’s essential to be aware that policies and procedures must be in place within your organization, too, to ensure full compliance. As well, your employees are guaranteed not to access your information unless you want them to do so.

eSign Genie and HIPAA

Life science and healthcare organizations rely on eSign Genie to meet their HIPAA compliance requirements. Our program manages the signing process and keeps all documentation secure. eSign Genie offers features like controls to prevent tampering, which makes sure documents are correctly completed. Our security is backed by SOC II Type 2 certification, which means data is always secure within our network.

The legality of e-signatures on medical documents

Thanks to the ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) and UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act) in the USA, e-signatures are legally binding all over the country. A few states do not ascribe to these acts and instead follow their e-signature laws. Still, in all cases, the electronic and legal paperwork holds the same weight.

Why would I use eSign Genie in a HIPAA Setting?

Our organization is as committed to health and security as yours, which means we are eager to provide the best quality service to help you. Furthermore, we will help reduce costs and increase patient face-time by handling essential medical documentation, such as: 

  • Hospital, billing, and consent forms
  • Patient onboarding documents
  • Medical prescription paperwork
  • Lab reports
  • Care documents
  • Insurance provider agreements

Speed up patient onboarding with our HIPAA compliant eSignature

eSign Genie optimizes the patient onboarding experience by eliminating the traditionally manual, error-prone, paper-based process. With our help, healthcare companies can now improve their services and productivity. 

  • Expedite document processing.  eSign Genie features an automate workflows and diminishes time to sign through the use of an integrated SMS text message
  • eSign Genie’s HIPPA compliance with stand legal scrutiny and allow healthcare facilities to avoid HIPAA penalties
  • Search, review, and export secured patient medical documents in just a few seconds.
  • Reduces risks associated with data entry errors.

Enjoy the Best of Privacy and Security

The eSign Genie platform adheres to the following requirements to retain validity:

Confidentiality – Customer documents and data are private, and access is workflow controlled 

Integrity – The whole architecture ensures the protection of personal data and mitigates cybersecurity attacks. Also, all documents come with a highly-detailed audit trail and a tamper-evident seal.

Availability – Critical service is accessible to customers round the clock.

Authenticity – eSign Genie’s superior authentication processes provide validation, ensuring the right person is signing the document. Furthermore, our electronic signature tool prevents post-signature modification. Third parties such as courts can rely on the validity of the signers as well as documents.

Non-Repudiation – Documents are technically, legally, and procedurally indisputable


E-signatures are the way forward in healthcare. Providers that use an eSignature solution have noticed a boost in productivity and efficiency due to the pace at which they can sign documents. Therefore, choosing the right e-signature platform is of utmost significance to ensure regulatory compliance. 

eSign Genie is one of the few HIPAA compliant signature tools that seamlessly integrate into your existing technology infrastructure.

So don’t worry – when you’re looking to digitize, eSign Genie is a safe, secure choice that will help you keep your organization entirely HIPAA compliant.

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