In a world where a lot of illnesses and disorders are being diagnosed every day, one possible solution you may look into is herbal medicine. Herbal medicine can be considered a complement to Western medicine, depending on why you need it and the way it is used by advocates.

Right now, you should get to know more about herbal medicine so you can discern when you will need it, and why it should be your treatment of choice.

What Is Herbal Medicine?

Like its name suggests, herbal medicine is a system of treating illnesses and disorders with the use of certain herbs. Herbs are parts of plants that contain substances which can affect the human body in specific ways.

In the past, some practitioners of Western medicine downplayed or even rejected the herbal medicine system. But since there seems to be a renaissance of interest in forms of medicine that offer an alternative to Western medicine, there are now efforts to determine the efficacy of herbs in treating people who are ill.

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Various Benefits Of Herbal Medicine

  • Readily Accessible By A Community – A community that has been reliant on herbal medicine for centuries will usually have sources of the herbs within the community itself, so that illnesses or disorders can be treated right away by medical practitioners. In addition, there are places that are rather remote where practitioners of Western medicine cannot extend their reach.
  • Beneficial Effects Proven Through Trial And Error– Since herbal medicine advocates rely on centuries of experience in the use of herbs to treat illnesses or disorders, the community trusts these herbs to relieve symptoms of various health problems. Western doctors and medical researchers are starting to believe that there are indeed plants that have substances which may be used to relieve symptoms of illness or even serve as a cure.
  • Costs Much Less Than Western Medicine – Everyone dreads getting sick not just because of the physical pain and discomfort they feel, but also because getting sick means having to pay for doctor’s fees and pharmaceutical preparations. However, practitioners of herbal medicine point out that their herbal concoctions do not cost as much as Western medicine, especially if the community can source its herbs directly from nature or from a community herbal garden.
  • Offers Holistic Approach To Health – Herbal medicine, such as traditional Chinese medicine, provides a holistic view of health which means a patient represents not just a disease but a living organism made up of different bodily systems. So herbal medicine practitioners aim to provide a balance between those various organic systems. On the other hand, Western medicine is more disease-focused, so there is often only a piece-meal approach to health.

When To Use Herbal Medicine

  • When You Find It A Better Alternative To Western Medicine – You may use herbal medicine when your Western medical practitioner has no medication that will “cure” your illness or disorder, or even to at least address your symptoms. You might need an alternative because your body rejects the Western medication too, especially when the doctor prescribes multiple medications.
  • When You Feel It Is Safer To Use Than Western Medicine – Since some people feel that Western medicine may be risky to use, you may look for herbal solutions that will be safer to address your health issues. After all, some Western pharmaceutical preparations have side effects, with some effects being very harmful as well. You might also develop an allergic reaction to some Western meds.
  • When You Feel That Herbal Medicine Costs Less – Patients who cannot afford the spiraling costs of Western medical treatments will often turn to herbal medicine because that is what they can afford. Sometimes the herbal medicine may cost next to nothing since the herbs are easily procured from nature itself.
  • When You Trust The Herbal Medicine Practitioner Administering It – It is understandable when some patients reject Western medical doctors because of an issue with trust. It just so happens that some patients trust herbal medicine doctors more, especially if such patients have been treated successfully by their preferred herbal medicine practitioner in the past. These patients may believe that the herbal medicine doctor is a better medical practitioner who has the right knowledge and skills to recommend an herbal preparation to them for that particular sickness.

How To Find Sources Of Herbal Medicines

Since there are many people who are interested in trying herbal medicines, it is now possible to buy your herbal medicine products online or through real-time pharmacies and health food stores. For example, if you wish to find an online source for your herbal medicine, try Blue Poppy’s Facebook Page. You may try contacting your nearest pharmacy for some herbal medicine too.

The key to procuring herbal medicines is to first seek the advice of a qualified herbal medicine practitioner. There are now practitioners of Western medicine who are also believers in the capacity of herbal products to relieve symptoms of illnesses. So you can try consulting Western medical doctors first, and ask them if they know of herbal products that would be a good alternative medication for your illness.

Take note that there are still some health problems that cannot be addressed with herbal medicine. For example, bone fractures are deemed an emergency case which needs to be treated by taking an x-ray first, setting the bone properly, and then applying a cast to keep the repaired bone in place. These treatments are not part of traditional herbal medicine. So, the problem is best treated by someone skilled in Western medicine instead.


Herbal medicine should not be viewed nowadays as a practice that is completely independent from Western medicine. Rather, it is best if herbal medicine is thought to be complementary to Western medicine. This allows a patient to experience the best of both worlds and to receive the best health care possible, depending on what the illness seems to be and what is causing it. 

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