Everybody around the world is feeling the harrowing impact of the coronavirus, even those self-isolating at home. Fortunately, there are ways of protecting yourself by strengthening the immune system.

Unfortunately, ever since the case of bush meat sale in Wuhan, the world has had to deal with a crippling pandemic that has taken many lives. Never before in the 21st century was health care so important. People are living in fear and uncertainty about what will happen to them. Questions arise in people’s minds about what they will do if they contract the virus. If you feel fit and healthy, will you be one of those unlucky cases that suffer immensely? Research has shown that you need a healthy immune system if you’re going to combat the virus on your own. There are a number of different products that can help build up your immune functioning, and CBD products are one category that can really work wonders. Let’s find out more about CBD health benefits and how such products can strengthen your immune system.

The Problem at Hand

You may have heard that before, but what is coronavirus? Simply put, it is a category of viruses that has produced many of our common coughs and colds. COVID-19 is a strain that has been particularly problematic recently, mainly because of the world not having a vaccine and the uncertainty around what this virus can do. However, recent research in the Journal of Medical Virology has shown that the immune system functioning is imperative to controlling and eliminating COVID-19 infections. So how can CBD help?

The Immune System and CBD

Endocannabinoids are found in CBD, and these interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a large part in homeostasis, plus the regulation of a lot of bodily systems and functions. Endocannabinoid receptors are found on many bodily organs, and one thing that is particularly affected by their stimulation is the immune system.

When the immune system is working properly, it enables the body to fight off diseases and viral infections, including that of the coronavirus. In a healthy immune system, the body responds to threats producing inflammation. Those who have poor immune system functioning usually have an inflammation response, which is triggered soon, resulting in too much inflammation that can lead to pain and discomfort. Research shows that chronic inflammation is a common aspect of most diseases coming from viral infections.

CBD and Inflammation

CBD can really work wonders to reduce inflammation, allowing you to improve immune function and ultimately make you feel better. One particular receptor CB2 is inhibited by the CBD oil, helping to regulate inflammation. Cannabidiol has many indirect anti-inflammatory effects on the nervous system – one of these is the effect on cytokines, proteins that are released by immune cells when trauma or stress is experienced. Research indicates that cannabidiol can disrupt their release, preventing inflammation before it starts in the first place.

There is a connection documented in one study between cannabidiol and a decrease in inflammatory cytokine production, reported both in cell-based and animal-based experiments. CBD has also been found to suppress chemokine production. This is a specific group of cytokines that cause immune cells to respond rapidly to infection, bringing in white blood cells that can invade and destroy any unwanted pathogens or microbes. This is very encouraging research that shows promise for cannabidiol in tackling viral-based diseases, including those caused by the coronavirus.

Immune Strengthening

If you’ve got an immune system that’s too weak, then you won’t be able to fend off the coronavirus. Results can be fatal. However, even though more research needs to be done in the field, some research has shown that CBD has worked as an immune strengthener. When examining the effect of CBD on those who suffer from cancer, the results have found that individuals have been much better at fighting off infection, and this is a condition in which immune response is greatly compromised. This could be promising for those who are worried about the coronavirus. But before you go out and reach for CBD Goodie Bags or lather yourself furiously with CBD soap, let’s examine what the research has said.

In this study, cannabinoids caused the body to kill off cancerous cells via apoptosis, and this was all triggered by the immune system. In a healthy working immune system, infectious cells will be located in the body and then trigger an apoptosis response, creating the selected cell death. These findings are promising, especially how cancer cells are problematic because of their ability to avoid being destroyed, helping them to spread around the body at a dangerous rate. Even though the specific reactions that cannabinoids have are still being thoroughly researched, it is very encouraging to know that there is something about cannabidiol that can give a lot of strength to the immune system. Cannabidiol can really work wonders by both calming hyperactive immune responses and strengthening immunity.

Move Over, Coronavirus

As there is a lot of uncertainty relating to the coronavirus, much is unknown. However, you now know how to strengthen the immune system function in order to help you deal with the virus if you ever were to contract it yourself. Research has shown that CBD can really help build up a strong immune system, so it may be even more important in today’s time to know how to take CBD oil. Once you know how to use CBD oil, it could have the potential to do a world of good. Hopefully, you have something to take away that can really put a silver lining on this dismal pandemic. Stay safe! 

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