It is not surprising that the days of texts seem to be dissipating daily. What used to be a large, laminated anatomy poster can now be found not only on your computer but your mobile device as well. This is always good news for students as it enables anytime, anywhere studies. There are 5 awesome iPhone apps for medical students to assist in the grueling 24/7 eat, drink and sleep schedule they are tethered to.

Top 200 Drug Flashcards

This highly-rated app offers a way for medical students to prepare for the onslaught of prescription drugs they will soon be writing. The top 200 up to date drugs are covered as virtual flashcards that can be edited, notated, added to and tagged. This essential tool also categorizes each drug under a trade name, generic name, class, schedule classification and more.

Speed Muscles MD / Speed Bones MD 

One of the most basic foundations for any medical student is learning the musculoskeletal system and skeletal anatomy. Knowing these is equivalent to breathing inasmuch as they must become second nature. Speed MD uses unique games and flashcards to work out the student’s memory with speed memory identifying the 206 bones and over 700 muscles.

Mediquations Medical Calculator 

This is a medical calculator that is capable of two-hundred and twenty-nine scoring tools and formulas. With almost two-hundred, five start ratings Apple considers this app a staff favorite. It also supports SI and US units, PubMed links for each individual scoring tool as well as references and additional relevant information.

Heart Pro

As a med student, hands-on work does not come right away. Therefore, Heart Pro is the perfect app for getting virtual hands-on experience that can make it that much less daunting when presented with the real thing. With a fifty-four, five star rating in the App Store, Heart Pro incorporates actual heart photos in 3D to enable viewing from any angle, something impossible in real-time surgery. With simple finger movements, you can dissect, rotate and label the entire anatomy of the heart all while on your iPhone.


As a medical student, one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks is to learn medical coding. Although it may not seem as important as virtual dissection, medical coding will follow a med student right through their entire career for proper charting, billing and payment procedures. ICD-9 is touted as one of the highest-rated apps in its class. It contains up to date codes with the capability to view various symptoms and conditions in the detailed description. It can handle keyword and/or code searches allowing bookmarking of commonly used codes.

These 5 awesome iPhone apps for medical students are some of the most popular amongst the hundreds available. Depending on each field of interest, iPhone apps continue to be developed and tested making life a lot easier in the world of teaching and learning medicine.

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