Here’s Why the Excelsior College Nursing Program Is for You

Whether you’re a high school senior about to graduate or an older adult looking for an exciting career change, Excelsior College’s nursing program is perfect for anyone looking to pursue a medical career on their own time. Here’s everything you need to know about the Excelsior College nursing program.

Online learning is accessible to anyone.

Excelsior College is an accredited online school, which means there’s no reason why you can’t earn your Associate degree or Bachelor of Science in Nursing. With online courses, you can learn on your own time. If you’re currently working to support your family, you can continue to do so while you earn your degree.

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If you’re taking care of your children full-time, you can complete your classwork at night after they go to bed. The flexibility of digital classes makes it easy for anyone to earn a degree. Excelsior College also offers several ways to transfer credit, making your education cheaper and faster. You can transfer credit from other courses you’ve taken as well as any nursing certifications or licenses you already hold.

The nursing program offers plenty of options.

There are several degree options for anyone looking to pursue a career in nursing. Excelsior College offers Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees with an additional option to move from an RN to a Master’s. Any of these degrees will increase your career opportunities and potential salary. A Master of Science in Nursing Education will start you on the path towards becoming a nursing teacher.

If you hope to lead the nursing staff at your hospital, an MS in Nursing Leadership and Administration Health Care Systems. Maybe you’re just starting out. An Associate in Science in Nursing is the perfect option for someone looking to start this career. Excelsior College makes it easy to figure out where you’ll fit in. You can call or email an admissions counselor who will discuss your education and interests and help you determine the right path.

You’ll be invited to join the Nursing Honor Society.

Nursing students at Excelsior College are invited to join the Tau Kappa-at-Large chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International. This Nursing Honor Society offers members the chance to connect with other nursing students, volunteer in the community, participate in opportunities for further learning, and earn scholarships.

People in an honor society also have more career options. Being a member of Sigma Theta Tau will help you grow in your career and find the perfect job. Students who are enrolled at Excelsior and have a qualifying grade point average will be invited to join. Not every college maintains a chapter for the honor society (especially online colleges), so you’ll want to take advantage of membership.

Excelsior nursing students excel in the field.

Excelsior provides data on how its graduates are doing out in the field, and nursing students have been shown to excel after graduation. Their supervisors describe them as extremely competent, and these nurses demonstrate independence, self-motivation, and clinical skills.

When you enter a degree program, you want to know that you’ll graduate with the skills you need to do your chosen career. Earning a degree from Excelsior College means you’ll be prepared for the future and graduate knowing everything you need to know to succeed. You can enroll in this program knowing that your time and energy will pay off.

If you’re considering any nursing degree, look no further than Excelsior College. With the flexibility of online learning and the incredible program offered, you’ll be ready for any job in the nursing field. Chat with an admissions counselor today to see which program is right for you.