You can save on staffing costs and promote a professional image by hiring an answering service for your medical practice.

It’s relatively easy to outsource calls for your practice. However, you need to understand what solutions are available as well as differences in answering service cost.

Typically, the higher your call volume, the less it will cost for each call. This amount can vary, however, based on the features and services that come with your subscription.

Read on to learn about the price breakdown for medical answering services.

How Does Call Volume Affect Medical Answering Service Price? 

For any business call center, labor is expensive. With your practice, however, you may find that patients are calling your medical answering service 24-hours a day, seven days a week – even on holidays.

If you hire in-house staff to answer the phones, you must also pay their health insurance, leave of absences and other benefits.

The cost of a medical answering service is lower than full-time staff. Resultantly, it’s more cost-effective to hire a medical answering service.

Types of Pricing 

The rate for your medical answering service can vary greatly depending on the pricing structure. For instance, many practices go with a flat rate subscription price to try out the service.

Some subscriptions come with a limited number of calls. For some practices, a flat rate medical answering service makes sense.

However, some organizations have changing call volume. If this is the case with your practice, you may not find that a flat rate offers you the best value.

You could try per-minute pricing. However, these kinds of plans tend to come with hidden fees. In time, your bill could get pretty high with this kind of plan.

If you have a varying call volume, per unit pricing may work better for your practice. These kinds of plans are typically more transparent and can help you control your medical answering cost.

How Much Will an Answering Service Cost for My Practice?

On average, medical answering services range between $.65 to $1.20 per call. This price will vary depending on the plan that you choose.

If you choose a flat-rate plan, you may pay around $50 a month for 45 to 75 calls. Click here for a roundup of current rates.

The price will also vary based on the tasks that the service performs. For example, if you hire an answering service to make appointments, you’ll pay extra for that service.

Whether your practice is large or small, a medical answering service offers you greater flexibility and cost savings compared to hiring in-house personnel for the job.

Choosing a Service Provider 

Many factors can affect your answering service cost. Finding the best service provider for your practice takes time.

Also, comparing service providers isn’t always a dollar for dollar comparison. Companies have different pricing structures and their rates aren’t always comparable, so you have to find a medical answering service estimate method that will work best for your practice.

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