If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably living in self-isolation along with your family, while also maintaining social distancing and washing your hands as best as you can. That’s great and all, but given the number of cases that are escalating as the days go by, you need to do a better job in keeping your body safe and healthy.

Fortunately, this article is the resource you need for such bleak times. It consists of a list of educational medical and health apps that can offer you as much information on the pandemic as possible. Whether you live in a major North American city like Houston and want to know when your elective surgeries will resume or are concerned about contracting COVID yourself, these apps should provide clarity.


This app is perhaps one of the most crucial ones that you can possibly have on your phone during the worldwide pandemic that humanity is currently dealing with. Not only can It help book appointments with your general physician enable you to view your medical records, but it also contains information on everything and anything coronavirus or COVID-19 related. And if you think you have possible symptoms, you’ll be given immediate feedback or medical assistance.


Apple’s COVID-19 App

In response to the situation at hand, Apple has teamed up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the White House coronavirus task force, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to create an app specifically to protect users from getting infected or help manage or treat possible symptoms.

The app is a simplistic screening tool where you can input your symptoms and determine whether you’re infected or not and that you should seek medical care based on the results. It also offers tips on social distancing.


WHO (World Health Organization) Info

This app has been developed by the World Health Organization and offers crucial information, along with updates, news, and advice regarding various diseases and conditions, including the novel coronavirus. The app also allows you to stream live daily press conferences in real-time. other than this app, who are working on another app specifically for COVID-19, which is said to be like ‘Waze for COVID-19‘ and is expected to be released through Google and Apple platforms.


First Responder COVID-19 Guide

This is another app developed by Apple who collaborated with Stanford University especially for first responders, firefighters, police, and paramedics in California Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. It comes with a symptom checker and has information regarding anything related to COVID-19. The goal of the app is to have a potential patient tested at Stanford Health Care.

The experts at Stanford medicine offer the most recent information regarding COVID-19, answer your questions right away, and confirm whether you have possible symptoms or not.


Healthlynked COVID-19 Tracker

Healthlynked is another medical company that has made its own COVID-19 tracker that allows users to self-report symptoms of the virus to lower the rate of infection for others. And if they test positive for the virus, they can immediately alert contact so they can acquire immediate medical care to prevent spreading the infection.

This is done by dividing users into three different categories: users who are asymptomatic and haven’t been tested positive for COVID-19 will be shown in dark green, users are self-report after being tested positive are shown as pink, and those who haven’t been tested but show symptoms are displayed in yellow.

Information can also be updated since symptoms can change and the colors will be shown on the app’s map. What’s more, is that the app lets you stay up-to-date with the latest developments regarding the virus in your country as well as other parts of the world and converse with other users in real-time if what they suggest can prove helpful in the prevention of COVID-19 for managing the symptoms of the aforementioned virus.


COVID Symptom Tracker

Another crucial self-reporting application developed by health company Zoe Global limited, as well as scientists and doctors over at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals, and the King’s College London. All it takes is one minute to self-report possible COVID-19 symptoms to ensure you’re in the clear of being infected, even if you’re feeling well.

By self-reporting the symptoms, you’ll be helping the researchers and scientists behind the app to better understand how quickly the virus is spreading in your area, who is at risk, and high-risk areas by having a better knowledge of the symptoms which could be linked to underlying health conditions as well.


United Nations

The UN News app offers some of the most elaborate information, daily updates any news from the United Nations in any medium, be it audio, photos, text, or video. It can be viewed in a variety of languages other than English including Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. This is just the kind of app that is ideal and suitable for everyone around the world who is constantly dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.



If you require something to quell your emotional stress levels, look no further then that Youper app. This app utilizes artificial intelligence to help people not only lower their anxiety levels, but also manage their mood, and improve their sleep.

The app was developed by a group of scientists, doctors, and engineers under Doctor Jose Hamilton. If you believe that you may have COVID-19 symptoms, Youper’s artificial intelligence can personalize several techniques to you. It includes strategies from mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other approaches.

The assistant will help improve your conversations as you go, enable you to sleep better with sleep sounds, keep your emotions in check with its mood tracker, and help you understand yourself better by taking a personality test.



Zoom is without a doubt one of the hottest video conferencing apps available today, especially during times when we need something to take our minds off of the ongoing pandemic that has engulfed the world. Not only does it help us connect with our loved ones, friends, and other acquaintances, but it’s also very useful in communicating with our work colleagues as we manage our jobs from the comfort of our own homes.