We’re living through pretty unprecedented times. The rapid spread of coronavirus and the consequent outbreak of Covid-19 on an international scale means that many of our lives are completely unrecognisable in comparison to how they were at the start of the year. Rather than getting on with our usual routines and looking forward to holidays, festivals, concerts, theatre shows and other plans we may have made, the majority of us are confined to our own homes. Most countries around the world have enforced lockdown and shelter in place situations, where everyone other than key workers are being encouraged to stay inside their homes, only leaving for essentials. These changes are difficult for anybody to overcome. But if you have elderly loved ones in your life, things are particularly hard. They have to be sheltered and you can’t come into contact with them. They’re also more likely to rely on you, as you’ll need to get their essentials for them, dropping them off on their doorsteps for them to collect. Nowadays, more of our minds are turning to how we can help our loved ones and how we can improve their quality of life during the pandemic and following the pandemic when things return to normal. Here are a few suggestions that could help!

Tips for the Pandemic

Everyone needs food and medication. But elderly people can’t leave their homes to get them at all and many are unable to secure food deliveries with the high demand. You’re going to need to step in to help! If you are fit and well yourself, you can go to the store on their behalf to collect any food, beverages, toiletries, cleaning products and other essentials that they may need. You can also collect their prescriptions on their behalf if they require any medication or treatment. Just make sure to encourage them to wash down any washable items before using them once they’ve been dropped off. This simple step will make sure they get their check up, eeg reading, test results, prescription, or whatever else they may need!

Guaranteeing High-Quality Healthcare

For the majority of healthy, young people, doctors appointments tend to be few and far between. We’ll simply go if we have a complaint that’s bothering us. But for the elderly, appointments can become more routine. At the end of the day, they’re more susceptible to illness and injury. A problem with this, however, is that the elderly tend to find it a little more difficult to get to the doctors. Many will consequently avoid booking appointments or will regularly skip or miss appointments. Make sure to check their appointment schedule and to help them get to their appointment. Simply dropping them off and picking them up can make all the difference!

Ensuring They Have a Good Diet

For most of us, healthy meals are easy to prepare. But for the elderly, this can be a task. Conditions like arthritis can make opening packaging and chopping fresh food difficult. But getting the right nutrition is absolutely essential for health and wellbeing. If you fear that your loved one isn’t getting a good enough diet, you might want to consider having their food delivered to them. There are a number of meal services out there who specialise in preparing and delivering food to the elderly!

Making Sure Their Homes are Comfortable

We tend to take comfort for granted. But as you grow older, your body becomes more resistant to tasks that many of us don’t even think twice about doing. Something as simple as getting up the stairs, getting into the bath, or other simple activities can suddenly feel like insurmountable tasks. So, do your utmost to help your loved ones’ day to day life be as simple, straightforward and comfortable as possible. A number of things can help. Stairlifts can help with the stairs. Walk in baths can help with bathing. Even something as simple as an electric can opener can make the world of difference to some individuals. These investments really are worth making if they’ll improve your loved one’s life in the slightest!

These are just a few steps that you might want to consider taking to ensure that your elderly loved ones are getting all of the care that they need. A final tip is to simply keep in touch. Loneliness can wreak havoc with people’s happiness and emotional wellbeing. So, reach out and show you care!

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