If you’re experiencing leg pain, exercising might be the last thing you feel like doing. However, the condition might worsen if your discomfort isn’t eased. Perhaps you’ve suffered from varicose veins and know-how exercising has helped you. Or maybe you’ve tried a leg compressor machine to improve blood circulation and relieve aching leg muscles. The good news is that there are many different remedies to consider if what you’ve been doing no longer has the same effects!

According to Seattle Pain Relief, thigh and leg pain can be linked to sciatica or even chronic lower back pain. Leg pain is common and affects many people, from sportsmen to those working in an office. Here are four stretches you can try to provide some relief for your aching lower limbs.

Ankle Pumps

Ankle pumps strengthen your ankle joint and calf muscles. By contracting and stretching your calf muscle as your ankle joint moves, you’re simultaneously circulating blood and facilitating the drainage of blood through your veins.

Extend your legs while either lying down or sitting on your office chair or the floor. Simply repeat the action of pulling your toes toward yourself and pointing them away again. Try to push and pull your toes as far as they can go in both directions. Do 10 sets of repetitions three times daily.

Calf Stretch

The added bonus of the calf stretch is it toughens up your calf muscles while relieving leg pain.

Stand facing a wall and make sure your hands are chest level and placed shoulder-width apart against it. Move your left foot behind your right foot, and slowly flex your right leg forward as your left knee stays in line and your heel touches the floor.

With a straightened back, push your hips forward and lean onto the wall. After you feel a slight stretch, maintain this position for 20 seconds. Repeat this action with your other leg, doing two sets of repetitions for each leg.

Mountain Pose

The Yoga mountain pose stretches your calves and hamstrings simultaneously.

Lift your bottom facing up, and place your two arms on the floor as they support your body’s weight. Keep your head lowered between your arms. Your body’s profile should form a triangle, resembling a mountain peak.

Standing Quad Stretch

You’ve likely done this before as a warm-up exercise for running. It stretches your front thigh muscles and strengthens your lower leg muscles.

By standing tall with a straight back, place your feet hip-width apart and keep your feet parallel. Grab your left foot from behind in your left hand. Ensure your thighs stay aligned next to one another and your left leg lines up with your hip.

While you breathe in deeply, hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat with the other side.

Bonus Tip

Certain foods can also help reduce muscle cramps, so it’s best to incorporate as many of these in your diet as possible. By eating better and doing the above exercises you’ll benefit from improved blood circulation, a reduction of muscle stiffness and stretched leg muscles, while also becoming stronger.

If you’re battling with regular, ongoing leg pain that makes it difficult to complete your daily tasks, consult a professional like varicose veins treatment Dallas right away. Healthcare specialists can provide you with compassionate care in an expert environment as they investigate the cause of your leg pain.

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