Among the courses that give students a hard time to complete is medicine, which is loaded with complicated details. As you enroll in a medical school, you should brace for tough times. However, the beauty of the campus is that you won’t be alone on that journey. Bear in mind that it is not the regular friends around that will help you, but the abundance of technological devices at your disposal. Most importantly, are the free medical apps that have been developed to guide you in your studies.

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Some of the best picks that you will need in your medical school include:


This is a critical medical school app that can be installed on the mobile phone. It helps medical students in their daily routines where they can compute complex data. The app has scores, formulas and useful scales that are used to classify data. Given that they are operationalised on the phone, you will always need to charge your device at all times. With time, MedcalX will help you to master details at your fingertips, implying that you can complete your tasks alone without referring to the phone. One major advantage of this app is that you can select the language of your choice because it has five options. Besides, you can install your equations to suit the nature of data that you need to solve at a particular time.


This app has been around for more than four decades. Currently, many hospitals in over 100 countries have adopted it as a resource. The app is handy in decision making since pharmacists, doctors and other medical stakeholders have embarked on it to find evidence-based data. For learners, Micromedex has an information segment for drugs, meaning that you can conduct multiple searches to find a drug that suits a condition that you are looking for. More information under this app comprises of clinical data, including adverse effects of some classes of medicine and their trade names.


Medical authorities define PEPID as a hidden game among all apps for medical students that have ever been generated. It offers web-based solutions at the points of care. Fortunately, you can run it on mobile, implying that there is no need to buy sophisticated devices expensively. Students are lucky to have this app at their disposal because of its quick execution. For example, you can use it to find drug interactions and also share notes with fellow students in the course. It is also important in the differential diagnosis (DDX). You will admit that PEPID has too many uses that go beyond its cost.

Daily Rounds

This is rather a medical digital journal that is regularly updated with medical information from all schools around the world, including British facilities. Never mind that when you have the app installed on your device, then you have the whole world in your back pocket. No doubt that Daily Rounds will spice up your lessons as you explore well-curated and relevant information. A variety of real clinical situations in the world will give you the experience that builds accurate problem-solving skills.


You will be surprised at how much this app is so popular that more than 10 million health professionals across the world have used it. Because of its massive features, it is highly rated. Some of them include treatment and workup information, drug tools and information, presentations from clinics and medical news. If you are a student, the app features education courses to study over specific periods. However, you must be on a continuing program because there are no startup courses. You do not need an internet connection because you can access the app from the offline mode.

Medical students are among the lucky lot, given the variety of learning aids that they have. One does not have to dig so much into study materials to unravel the truth about some medical facts. Luckily, the current generation has access to all sorts of technology, top of them being the mobile phone. Most of the apps are accessible from android and windows phones, where students will simply jerk them out when the need arises. For those who cannot afford the costs of the internet, there is no cause for worry because many other apps are accessible while offline.