It’s safe to say that COVID 19 is the first (and hopefully the last) pandemic for the vast majority of us. However, despite how frightening the virus itself proved to be, the widespread misinformation on the internet can often make it even more worrisome. 

Despite the barrage of stress-inducing information out there, there are actually quite a few helpful resources in the form of digital health applications out there. These vary widely but can help keep you informed on the track of the virus, apps to reserve healthcare remotely, and more. Let’s take a look. 

Interactive Dashboards

With all the unreliable apps and websites out there, it can be hard to find the useful ones. A favorite among many, the Johns Hopkins University online dashboard has proven to be incredibly helpful, using data from only the most trusted sources. Microsoft’s Bing map is very similar, showing detailed info about cases around the globe. However, the latter comes with related news, using the CDC and WHO as their sources. The Bing map is more of a general overview of the current situation, though we would like to see real-time updates. 

Staying Healthy Indoors

There’s the common misconception among many that if we can’t go outdoors or go to a gym, then we’re out of luck as far as exercise goes. This simply isn’t true, luckily! While there’s no arguing that staying indoors can be stressful, there are solutions, and various fitness companies have contributed to them. 

Fitbit noticed that there was over a whopping 1/3 less in average step counts globally, which motivated them to offer an extended 90-day Premium trial at no cost to you. The trial comes with countless workouts, designed for anyone, regardless of your current fitness level or goals. In addition, it comes with sleep tracking and stress management tools!

Nike has also stepped it up, with free Training Club Premium workouts, free, daily workouts streamed on Facebook, and more. 

Mental Wellness

As you are surely aware, our mental health is just as important as our physical – if not more. Staying cool and collected can be hard during this time, with so much uncertainty on the horizon. However, apps like Headspace have started offering their Premium service for free if you’re a healthcare provider. 

If you’re not, there’s no need to feel left out. The company has also started their “Weathering The Storm” series, with a plethora of helpful meditation routines, sleep, and movement exercises to keep you limber and feeling good. 

Remote Healthcare

It’s understandable why so many people are avoiding going to the hospital at this time when they don’t feel good. Not only does it place you at a greater risk, but everyone you come into contact with, as well. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time to get in your car and wait at the doctor’s office because you’re weighed down with work and other tasks. 

The good news is that there are various telemedicine solutions, providing people with access to healthcare from the comfort of their own homes. 

There are a bunch to choose from, so here is a carefully-curated list of the best currently available. Lemonaid is a favorite among many, as they offer remote consultations and can even deliver your medicine so you don’t have any reason to go out! So many people have been satisfied with these apps, that even after the pandemic is over, they will surely still be quite popular. 


Now that you’ve had the chance to read all about the best digital health applications for COVID 19, which apps will you be downloading? As almost all of them are free to use, you have literally nothing to lose and so much to gain, without ever stepping foot outside your home. We hope that this guide has been of some help to you and that you will take advantage of these great offers. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again shortly.