Why did Americans work up for bringing health care reform? Statements like “Don’t touch my Medicare” indicate a poor understanding of America’s healthcare reform history. America is facing new challenges about medical care reform, and this system crisis has been reached to a dangerous level. Let’s take a look at how the healthcare system started and the image of this system in the minds of people. 

This reform is such an excellent service that we all can agree on it. Everyone experiences a severe illness in life, and facing this disease by using serious health measures like in Naturazi without paying would be frightening. But if we know its facts, we will find that it would not be easy to achieve it quickly without contributing individually.

 America needed to reform health care because the cost was much higher. This cost may consume the entire federal budget. It made the expense of health care difficult to afford. That put some middle-class people to the emergency room, raising the cost much higher.

These high expenses bills made the American healthcare system pay twice as much as any other developed country. Accordingly, human services contributed $3.2 trillion or 17.8 percent to gross domestic product. That’s the highest rate in any fully developed nation.

 Reasons for the high cost

There are three main reasons why these expenses are so high in America. These reasons are given below:

 First and last ten days of life

The primary reason why the majority of the cost originates was treating people over the early ten days and the last ten days of their life. There is much advancement in medical services. This progress succeeded in saving the lives of babies and extending the lives of older people. But these life-saving procedures are costly. Other countries limited these procedures to a significant level due to low cost. They decline the process if there is a little chance of success in saving a life. But in the United States, such care is given to the patient even if the success percentage is low.

 Rise of malpractice lawsuits

The second main reason behind this high medical service cost is a significant increase in malpractice lawsuits. Doctors usually over-test, requesting $1,500 colonoscopies. They do this even if they don’t think that they need it. It protects them from being sued for not ordering a particular test.

Less price competition

The third reason for this high cost is the lower price competition in medicine than in other industries, such as electronics. Most of the people don’t pay for their treatment. Patients only pay co-pay, while the health insurance companies pay the rest of the bill.

 Health insurance

Since medical expenses are costly, the majority of people buy insurance. That is why most discussions about health care reform center on making health insurance more available for ordinary citizens. This insurance works by charging a monthly fee. It is called a premium. In return, the insurance company pays your medical expenses.

Group health insurance is beneficial than paying out in claims. Most of the people received group health insurance from their manager, who also pays some portion of the premium. Companies can offer health care coverage as an untaxed advantage.

The people who don’t have an employee-sponsored program must buy singular health insurance. It may be costly for middle-class people. In the past, insurance companies had a chance to deny your coverage if you were suffering from a disease before buying the insurance. As an alternative, you have to affiliate yourself with a group. They offered lower rates because they had a pool of healthy people.

 Why health care reform is needed

Health care reform is needed in the U.S due to four primary reasons. These reasons are given below:

  1. The first reason is that medical expenses have been increased to a peak level. In 2011, the regular medical expenses for four members increased by 7.3 percent to $19,393.13. It is almost double what these expenses cost just nine years ago. By the end of 2030, the payroll taxes will cover 38 percent of the medical costs. The federal budget will give the rest of these expenses.
  1. The second reason is that health care reform will improve the quality of care. It may be a surprise to hear that America has the worst health care in the world of developed countries. Some chronic diseases are responsible for 87 percent of the total deaths and affecting 45 percent of the entire Americans. As the population is increasing daily, the intensity of these diseases is also going to a dangerous level.

By the end of 2023, cancer will increase by 62 percent, and diabetes will increase by 53 percent. Heart problems will be increased by 41 percent. Similarly, hypertension and lung diseases will increase by 39 percent and 31 percent, respectively. Strokes will increase by 29 percent. Every year, the expense of treatment aggregates $1.7 trillion. This cost can be lower through disease prevention and health care programs. 

These are the reasons why people are so worked up for bringing health care reform. It is essential as it can save the lives of so many people, and better prevention can keep us away from chronic diseases.

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