The unprecedented and worldwide coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on all of our lives. Nobody could have expected that by March and April this year, countries would be requesting that all of their citizens besides key workers stay home in a bid to slow the spread of this deadly virus. Many of us are unable to currently work and are confined to our own homes, only being able to leave to buy essentials such as food and medication. But one age group that the virus has particularly impacted is the over 70s, who appear to be most vulnerable to coronavirus and Covid-19. These individuals are being asked to shelter, not leaving their homes at all. Of course, this is going to be an extremely difficult time for them, so, if you have elderly loved ones, neighbours, or acquaintances, it’s more important now than ever to reach out a helping hand and look out for them. Here are a few things you can do to help ensure their health and wellbeing.

Make Sure They’re Aware of Government Advice

It’s absolutely essential that these individuals know they cannot leave their houses right now. Make sure they’re aware of government advice and urge them to follow it for their own sake.

Collect Their Food Shopping and Medication

As these individuals can’t leave their homes, and because online food delivery slots are extremely hard to come by (and many don’t have the necessary grip of technology to order food online easily), it’s important that you make sure they’re getting their food. Request a list of all the items they need and collect the items from your local supermarket. Then, drop them off on their doorstep and back off so they can collect the food without coming into contact with anybody. Recommend that they take the food in wearing latex gloves and wash or wipe down all items properly – the virus can live on different surfaces for different periods of time and you can never be sure who’s already touched them in the store. When it comes to medication, make use of prepackaged medication dispensing, having medication delivered to your home and then dropping it off to them as soon as it arrives.

Keep in Touch

Now’s a tough time for anyone’s mental health. But there are so many elderly individuals out there who are going to be so lonely right now. Keep in touch with them in whatever way possible. Give them a call each day. If they have a smartphone, video call them. This way, they get to hear a friendly voice or see a friendly face. It can really help to brighten up their day.

Provide Entertainment

If your loved ones are bored, you could provide them with some entertainment. Drop off a jigsaw puzzle using the same drop off methods you’d use for food. Drop off gardening supplies like plants, seeds or vegetables for them to grow. This will help to occupy their time and help them maintain better mental health.

These are just a few different ways you can help your elderly loved ones during this pandemic. Keep them at the forefront of your mind at all times!

Graphic created by Options Home Health.

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