Launching a new medical clinic can be challenging. You need to find a location, seek funding, source equipment, adhere to all legislation, get licensed and hire staff. Your staff team is an integral part of who you are as a medical facility. Practicing general medicine means that you need a core team of medical professionals to buy into your ethos. Your nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors and even your receptionist need to buy into your caring vision and provide an exceptional empathetic service to all of your patients. Staff that don’t feel safe, listened to, respected or have their morale sapped can have a detrimental effect on your brand and reputation. This is why you must take care of your clinic employees. Read on to find out how.


If you can, go a little above and beyond the industry standard wage for your employees. By paying them just that little bit more, you are giving them the kudos that they are worth just that little bit extra because they are special. If you aren’t a big fan of number crunching, medical billing outsourcing is the route to go down. A third-party specialist will ensure that every tax obligation is met, leaving you time to spend on more staff well-being initiatives. As well as a core wage, you could think about further aspects to your remuneration package such as extra holiday, compassionate leave provision, and a bonus scheme for an employee of the month style policy. This can boost morale and make your staff team feel valued.


A busy healthcare office is a successful one, so while it might seem like everyone is rushed off their feet, it’s crucial to make time to have some staff briefings. A Monday morning ten minutes when everyone is together is the ideal time to go over stats, targets or any particularly tricky patients due to come to the clinic that week. Ask for your team’s opinions on new policies or initiatives and listen to their responses. By listening to your staff, you show that you value their contributions. For them to buy into your business vision they need to feel a part of it. Also, send an email around every Friday to namecheck those individuals who have gone above and beyond. This little bit of positive praise is morale-boosting and demonstrates that you take notice of excellent work.

The Workplace

As a medical facility, your hygiene standards should be second to none. But, a sterile environment can also be hard on those individuals working in it. Consider adding touches of greenery in the staff room, whip up some artwork and make sure the place is a generally pleasant space to spend eight hours a day in. Ask your staff what they want from their work area. If they need new sonography equipment or their medical software is running slow, sort it out promptly so that your team can be as productive as they want to be.

Investing in your staff will allow you to reap the rewards of a motivated well-oiled team. Keep a caring attitude towards them, and they will pay you back in kind.

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