Imagine a scenario in which you wake up all of a sudden on a holiday in Paris and experience a severe headache in the morning that is ready to trouble you for the rest of your day. What will you do if you find yourself in a similar situation? Would you look up the local directory to call a doctor? Or look for your assistance in the lobby? Well both the options seem to be the right answer as these were the only options available for people a few years ago. Now entrepreneurs have come up with an innovative idea to create telemedicine app for providing on-demand doctor services online. Thanks to the advancement in technologies and unconventional thinking minds as they helped in changing the scenario that prevailed over the years.

Now anyone can get the right medical assistance with a few taps on the smartphone. The right medical service will arrive at their doorstep all thanks to the telemedicine software development companies. These apps have shaped the medical sector differently as they have encouraged more doctors and medical organizations to invest in developing an application. There is a shred of clear evidence that shows the increase in the number of downloads of telemedicine apps and more than 79% of them have shared positive feedback about these applications in a survey. Additionally, 800 physicians were interviewed in 2019 in which they acknowledged how these apps helped them to offer better healthcare services.

If you are handling a healthcare organization or looking for opportunities to start a business to healthcare services then you should read this article to learn about the benefits of investing in this idea. This article will guide you through the development process to get into this market segment and about the future of healthcare applications. Doctor on-demand apps have already started to revolutionize the healthcare industry as statistics state that the adoption of telemedicine app services at clinics and hospitals has risen by 340% in the past year alone. Let us start with the driving factors of these apps and the reasons why these apps are getting popular in the market.

More convenience         

It is not easy to assign medical specialists to every part of the world, especially around the local and remote areas. Residents in remote areas are forced to travel a long distance to visit a doctor and get the right medical services. In mountainous regions, people can make a phone call to get a doctor, and sometimes it would take weeks in time for them to get the right medical services even if they had doctors on paragliders to attend them. This is due to the lack of direct communication between the patient and doctor and this can cause major problems when the patient is a kid or an elder person. To tackle these problems a remote doctor consulting mobile application can lend a hand as it connects the patients with reputed doctors directly without any intermediate connections. This feature is proven to be fruitful in real-time as reports indicate a surge in the number of people using this application and the reason behind it is they can get the right medical consultation and services with a few taps on their smartphone.

Improved patient outcomes           

Telemedicine applications are the golden ticket for patients to get away from regular visits to clinics and hospitals. It can also be helpful for them by providing medications, hospital appointments, and consulting a doctor on a video call. This can be extremely helpful for the doctor as they can provide better assistance to every patient with the platform and reduces the need to go to hospitals as they can provide some of their services by sending a text or calling their patients. Hospitals can also be relieved as it reduces the number of appointments.

Reduced paperwork           

One of the main advantages of using telemedicine apps is that they offer various features that can help to reduce time and hassle associated with maintaining paperwork in the administration of hospitals. Medical practitioners and patients can access the records anytime with the application on their smartphones without any hassles.

Lower readmissions in hospitals           

Telemedicine apps offer the freedom of enjoying premium healthcare services from the comfort of their homes for patients. They need to travel to the hospital and wait for prolonged hours to consult the doctor. This has pushed them to adopt doctor on-demand services as they can get medical assistance without affecting the quality in any way from the comfort of their home.

Cheaper services           

By offering medical services conveniently for everyone on a smartphone and making them available round the clock to get the services directly to their location, people can cut down the costs incurred at hospitals and trips. The advent of these apps has further made medical services accessible to people more than ever.

Improved work-life balance

One of the main advantages of using these apps is that people can make use of medical services in transit. People can make use of the mobility services whenever required and get the ideal medical service directly to their location. This enhanced accessibility can help to improve the work-life balance of both patients and as well as doctors.

Higher ROI           

Medical services are required by people to maintain their health and so these applications have a regular flow of patients regularly such as regular consultation, occasional body checkups, etc. Hence, these apps guarantee higher ROI for the providers.

Competitive advantage           

Ultimately telemedicine apps will provide you with an advantage over the other healthcare organizations that don’t offer these services. Discuss with your telemedicine app developers to include exclusive features in the app that help your venture to gain reputation and better market benefits.

Things to keep in mind while investing in a telemedicine app development company

Know your target audience

Patients using your app might be a resident of a different place or do not speak the local language. In such cases, you have varied needs and expectations to fulfill. You need to have a complete understanding of the target base, having a clear and comprehensive description of their demographics is the answer to run a telemedicine app successfully.

Maintain an efficient database

 To ensure that the users get the premium medical services it is necessary to have connections with certified doctors and organizations, and have a database of their information. 

Introduce the features that users need        

One of the most important things to consider is to include the right set of features to fulfill the audience’s expectations. Discuss with your development team to include the ideal features and functionalities that fits the purpose of your application during its development phase.

Choose the ideal technology stack           

Choose the right technology stack to build the telemedicine service app so that they perform the assigned tasks effectively and provide a hassle-free experience to the users.

Follow the necessary medical compliances

There are several compliances, medical acts, and certifications that you need to look into before starting to develop an app. Make sure that you include HIPAA to HL7, FDA, HITECH’s meaningful use stage 1 & 2, HHS, and certification with EPSC and not to overlook this step.

Prepare the ideal budget         

The lack of planning your budget can force you to hold or to postpone the project. It will jeopardize your project ultimately. So it is advised to plan the budget of your project with your telemedicine software development team and label them according to the development phases to avoid any trouble in the future.

Prepare the revenue model of your business effectively

It is extremely important to have extensive knowledge of the business in the market and how to operate it effectively. This can also help you to decide the budget more efficiently and the overall cost of each phase separately. Make sure you do research thoroughly and learn about the type of business models that exist in the market. Here are some of the existing business models:


In this business model, the providers deduct a certain amount of money as their commission fee paid by the patient to the doctor.

Featured listing

 This type of business can be effective and helpful for the doctors and labs who are ready to pay some amount of money to get features in your platform’s listing. They invest featured listing platforms as these platforms have high user engagement and proven to bring in leads.

In-app advertising

These platforms charge a certain amount of money from the doctors and organizations by letting them advertise about their services on these platforms.

These factors are crucial for you to create a telemedicine services app to get leads effortlessly and to gain momentum in the market. Introduce the best in the technologies and try not to compromise on the cost to design a future-centric application and to get ahead of the competitors in the market.

Bottom line

There is no doubt that telemedicine apps are going to be the future of the health care sector. With the number of benefits, people get, these apps are gaining more users every day. If you are looking for opportunities to get into the market then it would be good to be acquainted with the telemedicine apps.

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