Attracting patients to your healthcare business is crucial to being, well, a healthcare business. After all, there is no providing of care without patients. Just as marketing is important for the growth of any business, it’s also essential to the growth of a clinic, practice or hospital. Because of the unique nature of healthcare businesses, they need a unique approach to attract new patients. 

Focus on the basics 

Before you can start thinking about more ambitious ways of attracting new patients, it’s crucial you nail the basics. You must establish your clinic or practice as a welcoming, reliable place that offers high-quality services to meet patients’ needs. By making your current patients as happy as you can, you can be sure that your healthcare business’s popularity will grow organically. 

Go online

No business has a hope of succeeding in this day and age without having an online presence. A slick, easy-to-use website with booking facilities can effectively and efficiently advertise your business. Not only is it great for promotion, but it can also be an incredibly useful tool for patients as they can see services and specialties for your business. You can use an external agency’s services, or you can choose from a number of online tools to build your own website.

Market, market, market 

There is only so much marketing for your business you can do yourself. While you may have a number of hard-to-get degrees, marketing is no simple task. To ensure you’re marketing your practice at the right target audience and following an appropriate marketing approach, a digital marketing professional will be able to further your business. 

 Opinions matter 

To ensure you’re meeting your patients’ needs each time they visit, consider creating a customer survey. This will allow you to see what your customers are enjoying, how they feel about your business, and what they feel you could improve upon. You can then use this to tackle any issues that may be putting off new customers and post positive word-of-mouth marketing. 


Patient testimonials are a brilliant way of attracting new patients. Positive reviews are one of the best forms of advertising for a healthcare business! Ensure you have the appropriate approvals and permissions from patients who provide testimonials and then use them to populate pages on your website and social media. Testimonials can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to business growth.

Try social 

Utilizing social media is a sure-fire way of boosting the popularity of your business. It allows you to connect to patients who you may not have previously been able to reach. Whether you like it or not, it’s a cheap and effective tool when producing content and attracting patients. You can easily manage it yourself to share information and content that may be relevant to patients. These patients may then share this content with others, who will then look up your healthcare business. 

Hopefully, these tips will enable you to attract new patients to your healthcare practice.

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