Cancer is a disease that rushes through the body with no regard for us. It can be ruthless and cruel, and unfortunately, many people are diagnosed with some form or another every year

Cancer can be a difficult illness to deal with but can be made even harder with the harshness of cancer treatment. Sadly, in order to kill cancerous cells, we are often required to go through tough radiotherapy and other treatments that put a toll on the body. 

That’s why today we want to talk about why it is so important to eat healthy foods during cancer treatment. We must be able to keep our bodies as strong as possible throughout cancer and to do this a good diet is key. 

These are the foods that you should be eating this year if you have been diagnosed with cancer and are currently being treated. 


Meat is important in our diets, and they can give us a healthy source of protein which is used in the body to repair tissue. The best kind of meat for you to eat during cancer treatment is lean meat such as chicken, turkey, beef and fish. A healthy chilli con carne batch, for example, can be a good way to eat lean beef mince and also gain extra protein from beans. 

Other protein sources 

Eggs are also an important source of protein to add to your breakfast for a healthy start to the day. As well as eggs, there is protein in foods such as tofu, beans, chickpeas, nuts, and even yogurt and milk. These foods eaten alongside your diet can be useful to keep the body strong and able to cope with tough treatment regimes. 


Carbs have had a bad wrap and many see them as the devil, but our body needs carbohydrates in order to gain a slow-release energy source for the day. As a cancer patient, you’ll need as much energy as you can get, and foods like potato, pasta, bread, rice, and more can be important. To make these foods a bit healthier, swap for whole-grain versions. 


Vegetables are a staple food in our diets and to remain healthy and strong we need our 5 a day. Vegetables provide a whole myriad of health benefits such as vitamin c for the immune system, antioxidants for aging, and potassium to halt cancer spread. You can create warming soups, roast vegetables to make a hearty ratatouille, and even simply steam and enjoy your favourite greens. 


As well as vegetables, the fruit is a powerful tool to use against cancer, and the side effects you’ll feel after treatment. Apples are full of fibre and vitamin c that will re-energise the body and mind. Oranges provide vitamin C to boost the immune system, and grapefruit can aid in digestion and protect the body against diarrhoea caused by chemotherapy. 

Make sure that you eat a balanced and healthy diet this year during your treatment and your body will thank you for it! 

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