Nursing homes don’t have the best reputation. It’s true that some facilities face some serious challenges. You definitely don’t want to leave your loved one in a facility that is known for nursing home abuse or frequent outbreaks of illnesses, like COVID-19.

However, just because some nursing homes have problems doesn’t mean they are all bad! Nursing homes that are run and maintained properly by the staff can actually enhance your loved one’s health and well-being as they age.

Qualified Healthcare Services

You have many choices when it comes to living arrangements for your loved one. It’s true that they can receive healthcare services at home or in an assisted living facility, but no other living arrangement does more to care for their health than a nursing home.

Nursing homes have nursing staff that is on-site 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. They are trained to dispense medications properly, provide medical services, and more. Many facilities offer specialized healthcare support for patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia, which can be difficult for family members to care for properly without the right training.

Safe Environment

As your loved one ages, they will experience many different changes. It’s normal for seniors to move a little slower and lose their balance more easily. Unfortunately, this often results in unintentional injuries.

Living at home can be more dangerous than you think. From unsecured rugs to stairs and a slippery bathtub, there are many hazards in the home that can land your loved one in the hospital. These aren’t things you have to worry about in the nursing home.

Nursing homes are specially designed to be safe for seniors. That includes eliminating most slip and trip hazards, but it also includes security. Nursing staff can ensure windows and doors are locked at night, and because they are always around to help, they can also prevent your loved one from becoming the victim of a scam.

Help With Everyday Tasks

Two-thirds of Americans who are over the age of 65 need help doing at least one daily activity. If your loved one has medical challenges, and especially if they have Alzheimer’s or dementia, they likely need help with multiple daily activities.

The nursing staff is trained to care for your loved one’s health, but they are also able to help your loved one with tasks throughout the day, ensuring they get done, and they get done safely. Just a few everyday tasks that they can help with include:

  • Getting dressed
  • Eating and drinking
  • Doing the laundry
  • Changing bedding
  • Cleaning their personal quarters
  • Medication management and taking pills on time
  • Transportation to appointments

Increased Social Engagement

Loneliness is a real problem among people of all ages, but it is especially prevalent among seniors. One in three seniors is lonely, and it’s hurting their health. Feeling alone can affect their physical health, their mental health, and even their life expectancy. If your loved one has mobility or health issues, they are likely to be even lonelier, as leaving the house and socializing is nearly impossible.

The nursing home can help with this. Not only will your loved one be able to communicate with the nursing staff on a daily basis, but they will also be able to interact with other residents. It is even encouraged! Most nursing homes schedule social activities and outings to engage residents to ensure they are mentally stimulated.

Reduced Strain on Family Members

Taking care of a loved one can be rewarding, but it’s also tiring and stressful. That’s especially the case if you’re trying to take care of a loved one while you’re working and taking care of your own family. For many, it’s simply too much.

You should be able to enjoy your loved one’s final years without the stress of making sure their health and well-being is properly cared for. A nursing home can ensure your loved one gets the exact care they need on a daily basis so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come to the nursing home and visit with your loved one as often as possible. You can visit to help you find retirement homes for seniors that best matches their wants, needs and budget

Don’t automatically discount the nursing home because you’ve heard some bad stories of bad facilities. Your loved one’s health and well-being can be positively affected when they live in a nursing home. To ensure this is the case, do your research to find a well-recommended, licensed, and experienced facility that’s right for your family.