The world being remote all over and there lies the challenge of live human interaction. Addiction has grown up as a trend that would increase the influencers to an extent that it would be a start for the destruction of the youth. Technology having a bigger hand in today’s world can lend it’s extended help to the people who are in need of rehabilitation.

Correlating the fact that more than 50 percent of the drug addicts are young adults based on research, more than 70 percent of the social network users are teenagers. It is obvious that the youngsters can be reached through technology. The rehabs can be benefited from technology development which would be a great step to move forward in life.

Online education

The online media can be used to provide counseling and education to the patients on rehabilitation. Counseling a person regularly can change their mind easily which is easily possible through online platforms. Making rehab comfortable is an added advantage of this online education. They can also be supervised by their parents when they are at home and this also helps them to understand the importance of family life.

Online applications can make a great change!

The media is very much capable of guiding the youth in the right way. They also provide resources that act as recovery education centers. One barrier in the remote rehabilitation being the distance, it can be broken down using the online applications. This provides a provision to communicate from the places the people are comfortable with. There is a major change in the traditional way of counseling where this also involves face to face interaction. The people feeling awkward due to their problem of addiction always don’t prefer coming out for treatment for heroin addictions or any other drugs. The technology would be a boon for the people not having the guts to come out.

Artificial intelligence – a tech boom!

 Even though artificial intelligence is new to the industry, it is so much prominent in the field of healthcare. It can create a great positive impact on those recovering from addiction. AI is capable of detecting the current behavior and predicting the future behavior of patients. There are algorithms that are used to sort the patients into categories so that they can be given specialized care which would help their speedy recovery.

Social Media

Social media has made the world faster than a fact or news can reach the opposite end of the earth in milliseconds. The recovery facts and techniques can also speed up the reach to the patients who are actually in need. Instead of one person treating in rehab, it would be nice and appealing for the patient when more than one person approves a fact. The basic human psychology is that he/she agrees with the fact when others too agree with it. So the social network plays a great job in treating addiction patients.

Technology in healthcare

Cutting-edge technologies show their huge success in the field of healthcare. The death rate has become very low because of the innovations in the tech field. The medical records are being digitized which is a great way to keep track of the diagnosis and prescription which helps in treating the patients effectively. The big data in the field of healthcare is used to analyze and find improved solutions for diseases where the ultimate goal lies in reducing mortality. This has turned out to be a very big advantage for the old age people. There is a possible way for them to increase their lifespan. For the big pandemics like AIDS, Cancer COVID-19, etc, social media plays a major role in creating awareness among people. The people would not have been so much aware of the seriousness of all these problems without social media. The patients were able to contact their doctors only through technology during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. This can also make a way for treating the patients faster and reduces the chance of making them wait longer.

Treating Mental illness!

Virtual reality comes with a bang in the field of psychology. The VR devices and applications are effectively used for treating mental illness. Depression and Stress can be ridden away through this technology. The responsive actions of the patients are monitored through the systems and they are treated accordingly. The augmented reality technology improvements serve the surgeon in performing surgeries that are complex. Technology also plays a major role in children’s psychological treatments. The child can be treated through games, videos and other visual aids.

Addiction to technology

Contradicting the fact where the technology helps to fight addiction, there is a bitter truth to be accepted. People are addicted to technology. The internet, online applications, social media, etc. being huge resources available to fight addiction, technology itself becomes an addiction for many people. Coming out of it is rarely possible. The people getting addicted to technology are merely the people feeling lonely by themselves. Young techies are more addicted to video and computer games. They forget themselves when they are into the games. The teens fail to realize that they have a real tangible environment around them. .The children have no idea about the real world to an extent where they don’t even identify their neighbors. Parents are in a crucial position to enlighten their children’s minds on social interaction.

The bridge between technology and addiction!

 Technology addiction leads to other addictions. The people get to see mature content on social media which attracts them towards alcohol and drugs. Drug and alcohol consumption has become a fancy term in today’s world. People think that drug addiction makes them more socialized. The transition from one end to the other end is clearly seen. Technology is both the cause and cure for mankind. End of the day, the technology remains!

Undoubtedly, technology serves as a big tool for the easy recovery of the rehabs in Arkansas. The technology being misused in many places, there are so many ways in which technology can be used in a way to benefit mankind. So, let us make use of technology as a powerful weapon to fight addiction.