The latest technological achievements we have witnessed in recent years have significantly simplified many aspects of our lives and the way we carry out daily activities. While it is not uncommon to think that apps are more of a young people’s thing, some of them have been designed to help seniors get one step closer to an independent living or monitor various health parameters.

There are many devices and products designed to help seniors with different daily activities and keep an eye on their health, as well as many resources to help you find out more about them, such as Caregiving Mag. The offer does not fall short when it comes to apps, either, and the last year brought forth a few apps for seniors that are worth considering.


More often than not, seniors take various medications to support their health, and an app to help them remember when the time to take them has come is Pillboxie. The user interface is simple and straightforward, and all you have to do is to set it up according to your needs. Once you’ve done so, the app will remind you of your medicine and thus help you avoid unpleasant events.

Fall detector

If in the old days, you’d have to regularly call or go to your senior’s room to make sure everything is alright, you can now know sooner if something bad has happened thanks to apps such as Fall Detector. This app was designed to alert you if there is no sign of movement for a specific time interval. Once such a lack of movement is sensed, the app will notify you so that you can check up on your senior.

iBP Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, this app might be of interest as it was built to help people of any age, not just seniors, to track and analyze the user’s blood pressure over a certain time interval. To work and provide you with such information, the app requires you to use a separate monitor.


The various apps for seniors available these days don’t limit themselves only to health monitoring. Some of them are built to cater to one’s everyday needs. Eyereader is such an app as it was designed to help seniors with less-than-perfect eyesight read and see the details of various small items in an instant.

The app will turn your smartphone into a magnifying glass, which proves to be of great help, especially if you’re out and don’t have a magnifying glass with you. Reading a menu or paperwork is easier with Eyereader as it will not only magnify the text, but it will also light it up.

Words with Friends

The benefits of physical activities come in plenty, and so do those emerging from mental activities. If your senior is into scrabble, this app might be the perfect gift for your dear one’s birthday. Words with Friends has more than 20 million users worldwide and proves to be a good way to keep your brain sharp regardless of your age.