Studying medicine has gained steady popularity due to the hectic pace of life that people follow today. Indeed, it has become incredibly popular among college students to pursue their academic goals and pick their major among the plethora of degrees in this field of study. Based on the survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2018-2019, there was a large increase in healthcare professions in particular, which makes it obvious that the medical sphere is having its heyday among the youth today.

The medical field contains an abundance of disciplines and degrees that are chosen by young people most often. And there’s a good reason why some medical disciplines are favored by applicants more eagerly than others – certain medical degrees have always been considered as more useful and prestigious. This is what gave rise to our cultivated selection of the trendiest 2020 medical degrees for you to check out!

Physician Assistant Studies

The opportunity of building a medical career as a physician’s assistant is highly attractive to many applicants. This profession is a bit simpler to get into than that of a physician, but it is no less important. A master’s degree in this field can be earned in just two years; moreover, the occupation can give you professional growth, too. This major has certain characteristics that make it appealing to a particular category of students.

Yes, this profession will suit students who have an eye for detail and don’t like to waste time on tedious tasks such as writing essays (with some of them seeking professional help from services like WriteMyEssayOnline). The tuition for this major fluctuates between $80,000 and $90,000 and requires strict training that all applicants and students should go through.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administrators play a large role in providing and managing medical services. This is why the profession is so common among young and aspiring students willing to connect their careers with the medical sphere. The professional commitments of a healthcare administrator include coordinating nonclinical services, important financial operations, and managing human resources.

The tuition for undergraduate and graduate education varies from $9,000 to $34,000 based on the level of your degree. Unlike with a physician’s assistant, the profession of healthcare administrator requires students to spend far more time preparing to become specialists. However, the game is worth playing: aside from the impressive salary, the occupation is extremely interesting to take and even rewarding – working as a healthcare administrator is a fully immersive experience that will help you develop the skills necessary for your career path.

Cardiovascular Perfusionist

To fit the volatile and distressing work routine of a cardiovascular perfusionist, students need to possess strong accuracy and attention to detail. The person who takes this position is expected to support the functions of the heart and lungs during surgery. A cardiovascular perfusionist also has to check the patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and other critical factors that help maintain the patient’s condition during the surgery. Most perfusionists work in intensive care units, where patients with lungs or heart defects are delivered. To become a cardiovascular perfusionist, a student has to obtain a bachelor’s degree in health studies.

 Physical Therapy

The basic attribute of a certified physical therapist is a graduate degree issued by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy. The tuition for the physical therapy major is quite expensive and starts from $75,000. With this major, you can also receive additional certifications such as geriatrics, sports, and cardiovascular specialties that can make your salary jump to $89,440. As a rule, students prefer to obtain several majors along with their physical therapy degree, no matter how difficult it may be for them to fulfill the requirements of the different disciplines on their schedule.

What Degree Fits You, Then?

With the COVID-19 pandemic that lurked somewhere in the notorious city of Wuhan, the beginning of 2020 demonstrated that academic majors connected with medical disciplines are extremely popular among students. And, when this pandemic started its expansion across the world, the medical professions made a bigger impact on people willing to work in the field and apply their skills to help others overcome their health issues. We hope we managed to provide vital information on what medical degrees you should look for in 2020, as well as what you have to do to succeed in chasing your academic endeavors. When making your way into the medical field and demonstrating your first attempts to assist others in becoming healthier, you should make sure you enjoy the path you’ve chosen!