A patient develops opioid addiction as a result of taking opium-based painkillers or using strong drugs such as heroin or morphine. Addiction is not developed overnight, rather is caused by continuous intake of dosage no matter how small it is. To treat this addiction, suboxone treatment is favored in the medical community.

Joining suboxone treatment programs like this offered at Lantana Recovery can help you with your opioid addiction. But a person can also get addicted to suboxone due to excessive use, therefore it is extremely important to opt for a treatment program that doesn’t trade your one addiction for another. 

Just in case you find yourself addicted to suboxone for one reason or another, here are some ways you can beat this addiction

Get Your Daily Dosage Reduced

Start by talking to your doctor about the prescribed doses and get them tapered down. This will be done by slowly reducing the suboxone in-take by a certain percentage, over the course of three weeks. Along with opioid relapses, you’ll have suboxone relapses as well which will require you to be more resilient while seeking constant medical help. 

Do not reduce the dosage all by yourself as any significant changes may lead to withdrawal symptoms and psychological turmoil. Since your doctor knows about your medical history, he/she is better suited to suggest the best course of action to control it properly.

Talk To Your Doctor

The first thing you should do and the most effective way is to talk to your doctor. The doctor who prescribed suboxone medications to you knows your history with opioid addiction, that’s why she/he is your best bet. Your doctor will do your thorough check-up and adjust the amount of dosage accordingly. She/He can also make some suggestions to your diet and exercise routine which will help you with overcoming the addiction.

Get Family & Friends’ Support 

One thing that worsens the addiction is leaving it untreated. Addiction is not going to go away on its own and so it is no use to isolate yourself from all the help around you. A great way to seek help is to talk to a trusty family member or a friend. It is hard to open up about the fact that you fell into another addiction while trying to fight one so it is very important that you talk to someone you can count on. 

Treatment Programs 

A variety of suboxone treatment programs are designed to make you suboxone free without creating dreadful withdrawal effects. You can either opt for in-patient treatment or outpatient treatment program

In-patient treatment programs require you to stay at the facility 24/7. While with an outpatient treatment program, you have the freedom to continue your professional, social and personal life while receiving treatment alongside.

What sort of treatment you should be seeking is better recommended by your doctor. He/She will guide you to choose a treatment plan. Make sure to consult your doctor before you sign up for any treatment program. 

Healthy Activities And Change Lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle, removing triggers from your past that lead to suboxone addictions in the first place and adopting healthier dietary habits will control the urge to go back to suboxone. 

Oftentimes, addiction is a result of boredom, lack of motivation or excessive free times at hand.

Among the benefits of physical activities, is that it gets you back on track. Starting a new hobby, replacing your suboxone cravings with something rewarding like exercise, swimming or helping others will help you have a better and healthier lifestyle. Your eating habits and nutrient levels will also be a huge factor in determining how fast and how well you can recover from this addiction.