Staying slim without sweating in the gym every other day seems like a beautiful dream. Who wouldn’t want that? Of course, some people genuinely enjoy going to the gym and exercising, but most of us would kill for an ability to stay slim while avoiding training. If you are the kind of person who finds gyms truly repulsive, we’ve got some excellent news for you: it is possible to stay in shape without going there. How you may ask?

Workout can be fun

There are people who don’t mind sweating a little bit, but they can’t stand being in any gym. Luckily, gyms or jogging around the city aren’t the only ways to stay in shape.

No one says that a workout can’t be entertaining and that it’s only a sad responsibility if you want to be fit and healthy; on the contrary — whatever your preferences, you can always find something that you will enjoy. For example, working out with a hula hoop is stylish, fun, and can be done outdoors; it will do wonders for your waist. Trampoline classes will get you incredibly sweaty but also entertained. You can prepare effective training with your bike, or even an electric bike, too. However, don’t forget to hydrate your body before, during, and after a workout. Drinking water or even sugar-free energy drinks will help keep you properly hydrated and help you avoid dehydration, leading to health problems like heat stroke.

In addition to plain water, there are now a variety of ways to stay hydrated and healthy. For example, you can find IV therapy near you that can help you get the hydration your body needs. This is an especially good option if you are feeling under the weather or are recovering from an illness. There are also a number of fruit and vegetable juices that are packed with nutrients and can help to keep you hydrated. If you are looking for a more natural way to stay hydrated, these options are definitely worth exploring.

What’s more, if you enjoy your training, you are actually more likely to lose weight, as stress (linked to doing something you don’t like) may slow your metabolism. It’s also more motivating, and you won’t be as eager to look for excuses not to exercise.

You can try hydration sports drinks to improve stamina and endurance. What’s more, if you enjoy your training, you are actually more likely to lose weight, as stress (linked to doing something you don’t like) may slow your metabolism. It’s also more motivating, and you won’t be as eager to look for excuses not to exercise.

Try the right supplements

No supplement can work wonders, but if you choose a good weight loss program, it can be of great help, especially if combined with a healthy diet and some activity. However, even the best fat burners have to be carefully chosen according to your lifestyle, health condition, and individual needs.

But remember that no supplement will work if you only lay on the couch eating pizza and crisps.

Eat less per meal, but more regularly

Eating habits are crucial for staying slim. It is one of the most frequently repeated pieces of advice, but it actually works if you eat smaller meals, but you do it more frequently. It boosts your metabolism and keeps you feeling full for longer, so there’s no risk you will end up walking around hungry and tired, as your energy will stay on the optimal level. Eating less, but more often encourages your body not to burn muscle tissue but fat — and that’s the point, right? According to research, having six small meals instead of four bigger may contribute significantly to your BMI.

Slow down

Your body needs time to process how much you have actually eaten, so if you eat slowly, you won’t end up overeating. Chew your food thoroughly to prolong the whole process and provide your organism with the optimal levels of all the nutrients. If you get used to this, you won’t ever feel too full, but you also won’t be hungry. You may start by counting how many seconds you chew each bite, and make sure you do enough.

Drink water

Very often, you may misread what your body wants and eat when, in fact, you are only thirsty. Then, if you drink before eating, you will start already being fuller, and you will eat less.

It’s even better if you replace all sweetened drinks with water.

Sleep and relax

Sleep and overall mental well-being are too often neglected in today’s world, and they are essential if you want to permanently stay in shape. A lot of people tend to eat more whenever they are stressed or anxious. The lack of sleep and chronic stress may also affect your body’s hormone production and disrupt your appetite. That’s when you crave unhealthy foods that you believe will make you happier or more energized. Plus, sleep-deprived people experience issues with their metabolism. It can eventually lead to some severe conditions, such as obesity or type 2 diabetes.

Yes to breakfast, no to supper

A good breakfast will provide you with the very much-needed energy for the whole day; it will improve your mood and allow you to control your weight. What’s more, skipping breakfast can make your body crave more than usual later. If you eat carbs or sweets for breakfast, you will have time to digest them properly, and they won’t be as threatening for your weight as they are if you eat them later. Then, if you eat protein-rich breakfast, you will be less likely to get snacks, as they will keep you full for longer.

When it comes to supper, you don’t digest very well during the night, so it’s best not to eat before you go to sleep or eat something very light.