2020 is incidentally the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale (1820–1910). Nobody knew this year would turn out to be so significant for healthcare providers, especially nurses, in the face of COVID-19. 

Nurses have always played a crucial role in connecting patients with the healthcare system. They are responsible for smooth care delivery and efficient patient management across the world. In the face of coronavirus, nurses are turning a lot more than the front line of defense.

In fact, COVID has created many ancillary yet important roles for nurses to manage patients. We will explore the transformed role of nurses in the face of this pandemic in this post. 

Taking on Leadership

The number of COVID cases worldwide has climbed to 10 million. The healthcare system has been burdened with more patients they can handle. Situations are worse in countries like India, where the doctor-patient ratio is less than 1 doctor per 1,000 people. We can only imagine what will be conditions in rural areas where doctors exist in much fewer numbers.

In this scenario, nurses are increasingly taking on the role of leadership. They acquire the skills to lead departments and can even perform more than half of the work doctors routinely do. This involves diagnosing patients, administering medicines, handling ventilators, and more. 

The knowledge and experience make nurses ideal to lead healthcare delivery in an acute shortage of doctors. Here is a short overview of nursing leadership styles in healthcare-

Fig.01 – Nursing leadership styles.

Leadership is inherent in the role of nursing

Providing Emotional Support

Nurses spend the most time with patients in a hospital setting. As a result, they are the best people to provide counseling and emotional support. 

Nurses often comfort patients and help them relax before major procedures. The same characteristic has taken on significant meaning during COVID.

Nurses in China have followed the principle of treating the disease along with the patient. A study in China showed how nurses hold themselves accountable for the patient’s wellbeing. 

Apart from doing the routine tasks, the nurses supported patients emotionally. The treated and cared for patients at the same time to help them deal with the stress and fear of coronavirus. 

Preventing Spread of Virus

Fig 02. Nursing role during COVID

Nurses have helped in preventing the spread of coronavirus

Nurses are playing an active part in preventing the further spread of coronavirus. Not only are they securing patients, but also those at risk. This includes efforts taken at the hospital and at home when patients are released. 

Nurses also have to protect themselves to check contamination. They are working hours in PPE to ensure they don’t become the carriers. Nurses are also responsible for maintaining hygiene and all COVID protocols in clinics and hospitals. 

Providing Evidence-Based Treatment

Nurse practitioners and clinical specialists with a master’s degree can deliver expert care. They are efficient at providing evidence-based treatment using their knowledge and expertise. This role has taken on a new meaning to treat patients at far corners of the earth. 

Moreover, nurses can even help in research and carry out ground-level assessments. They can even educate healthcare professionals in doing a good job. 

The Increasing Demand for Nurses

Fig 03. Nursing profession

Nursing is a great choice to serve your community

Nurses have always stepped into situations of crisis to help the world. Whether it’s COVID or the Spanish Flu, we can’t do without nurses! 

The demand for nurses is always high with good career opportunities. Nursing schools and universities offer regular courses to gain the skills you need to join the nursing force. 

You will learn to treat patients, deliver care, and manage departments you want to specialize in. Nursing degrees also teach you to take on roles of leadership and meet the shortage of doctors for treating illnesses in times of crisis. 

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