Making the decision to have a nose job is not an easy one. There are many factors to take into consideration, and any type of surgical procedure carries risks with it.

Why people want Rhinoplasty

The most common reason why people want to have Rhinoplasty is to change the appearance of their nose. Whether they want to make it smaller, larger or to completely change its shape, the main reason behind getting a nose job is to improve one’s self-confidence.

There are of course other reasons why someone may need this procedure, such as those who may have a deviated septum, trouble breathing, or who may have been the victim of an accident. Other reasons include people who may have been born with cleft palate or cleft lip which are both birth defects that can easily be fixed through a surgical procedure.

Whatever the reason, why live in a world where medical technology has improved greatly, and somethings that may have been difficult or impossible a decade or so ago are now the norm.

The Botox Alternative

What many people might not be aware of is that there is an alternative to a surgical procedure on your nose. This technique is nose Botox. It is referred to as non-surgical rhinoplasty and is a treatment that is growing very popular for both men and women. Eliminating the need to go under the knife, this non-invasive option can provide results that equal their surgical counterparts.

It is not the solution for all types of surgical Rhinoplasty, but in many cases, is an excellent alternative and one that has a number of benefits.

The Benefits of the non-surgical procedure

Every form of surgery carries with it a number of potential risks. Though the chances of anything serious going wrong during a medical procedure, there is always the chance that something can. With Botox Rhinoplasty, this element of risk is virtually removed from the equation.

Another benefit is the recovery time needed upon completion of the procedure. The non-surgical procedure has a quicker recovery period and the non-surgical nature of the procedure means that there is less or no healing for the body to go through. The final benefit is the cost. Having a non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedure will be a lot cheaper than a similar surgical procedure.

Where Botox Rhinoplasty has limitations

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is not the option for all types of procedures, and in many cases, there is a limitation to what it can be used for in order to achieve the desired results. If you are looking for a nose reduction, then the Botox procedure is not going to help.

Equally, if you are looking to have the shape of your nose thinned, then Botox Rhinoplasty won’t be able to achieve your desired result. It could help with regards to the appearance of your nose and the surrounding area, but the actual nose itself won’t be thinned or altered in shape or size.

Where Botox is a good solution

If you have wrinkles or “nose bunnies”, which can be caused by a number of things such as wearing glasses or wrinkling your nose, then the Botox procedure can help.

Another condition which can be helped is the flaring of the nasal, where your nostrils appear to be opened widely which result in the septum being revealed. Botox can help in this situation by weakening the dilator nasi that creates a more narrow nasal aperture that doesn’t affect your breathing.

One other condition where non-surgical Rhinoplasty can help is if you suffer from what is known as a droopy nose, where the nasal tip at the end of your nose starts dropping downwards. It will only help though if your case is not a genetic one, not one caused when you speak or perform different facial expressions.

Botox Rhinoplasty has many benefits and there are lots of situations where it is a great choice for treatment and a much-welcomed substitute for a surgical procedure. However, it is not a magical solution and doctors who carry out the treatment are not miracle workers. If you want to read more about Botox nose jobs, then head over to where you will find lots of helpful information.

The results of Botox nose jobs are not permanent and they may start to subside after a short period of time, usually 3 months or so. You must look at the non-surgical procedures as being a temporary solution. If you do suffer from a serious medical condition or require the complete restructure of your nose, then you will need to undergo a surgical Rhinoplasty procedure.