There are numerous teeth problems among which some can be delayed, but others will need the treatment of emergency dentists. These are some of the cases in which one shouldn’t hesitate to go to an emergency dentist;

Persisting Tooth Aches

If your tooth is paining very often and it is staying back for a longer time, then you would have to reach out to the right emergency dentists like that of Emergency dentists.

Because first of all, toothaches are extremely agonizing and secondly toothaches have a variety of reasons behind them known to only professional emergency dentists. And ignoring it may turn a less difficult situation into a more severe one.

Tooth chips and cracks

Many of us tend to ignore small cracks and chips in our teeth. But people fail to understand the grimness of the situation. Cracks can be the cause for your sudden sensitivity to anything hot and cold also it gives the room for various infections to take place.

As for chips, these might seem almost nothing but can be quite dangerous for chips can sometimes be hairline cracks. These can cause unseen damage gradually till its grave.

Frequently Bleeding Gums

If you come across the fact that your gums are bleeding after almost every brush or floss, then you need to visit an emergency dentist. For bleeding gums are the most prominent symptoms of gum disease or gingivitis.

Also, gum disease gets free access to infect the teeth with time. Hence if these are kept untreated, they can reach up to a level to uproot teeth.

Carrying a swollen jaw

According to all professionals, one of the significant symptoms behind the bacterial infection – salivary gland infection, is a swollen jaw. So basically what happens in this is that some kind of blockage present in the salivary glands prevents the saliva from performing its job.

Hence if it remains untreated swallowing becomes almost impossible, and thus you get to head for an emergency dentist immediately.

Suffering from a dental abscess

A dental abscess refers to an extremely painful infection arising from ignored cavities or gum diseases.

The issues with dental abscess are that apart from extreme pain, the other symptoms are similar to many diseases which can lead to confusion hence the need for immediate diagnosis. With a dental abscess, you don’t get any option than consulting an emergency dentist.

The random appearance of sores and lesions:

Usually, sores and lesions are quite common in our mouth. But if you get to notice that they are appearing without any reason or very often or giving out signs for an infection, then you need to go to an emergency dentist.

It is so because lingering sores and lesions can be the symptom of some other teeth issues as well.

Infected or Decayed Tooth

If you happen to come by any tooth decay or infection, do not ignore it just because you do not have to face pain or eating troubles, etc.

In these cases, one must immediately choose to go for an emergency dentist because leaving them can force you to make grim decisions like removal of a tooth.

Damaged bonding, filling, crowns

If suddenly your mouth begins to taste metallic that means some filling, bonding or crowns are falling off or lost and hence visiting an emergency dentist becomes almost inevitable.

Because swallowing these materials isn’t good also they open roads to various infections causing further issues.


These are various direct symptoms; there are many indirect symptoms too, like a numb tooth, constant headaches and fatigue, which also may require a professional consultation. Hence do not ignore any signs for good.