Healthcare marketing is not easy. Can you really inspire people to come to a hospital? But you need to increase the number of patients visiting your hospital to justify the huge investments you have made in the business and marketing your brand is the key. 

Nowadays, healthcare patients have so many options. With so much information on the internet, patients no longer feel the need to visit a medical practice nearest to their home, the closest hospital, or medical practice with several centers in the community. That’s why it is important to take healthcare marketing trends seriously if you want to reach new and returning patients, and remain competitive. 

Below are four subtle healthcare marketing tips to promote your brand.

Content marketing

Content marketing and educational content is probably the smartest and cheapest way to reach new patients and customers for your hospital business. We are no longer in 2005, where a fancy banner would have worked pretty well. In 2020 and beyond, you need to remember that content is king.

A lot of people go to the internet to educate themselves before interacting and transacting with vendors. This is especially the case in the healthcare industry, where everyone is trying to learn something new. It could be new diagnostic options, tips about technological advancements, or general industry news. And this is where you can take advantage of creating amazing content to save the day and get your brand in front of the right people and the right time. 

Create a mobile responsive website

Let’s face it. Almost everyone uses their mobile phones to search the web. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, it will have virtually no organic traffic. When revamping your mobile experience, ensure all your pages have a call-to-action that is clear and easy to spot. 

Video marketing

Is there a better way to build trust and increase awareness in the healthcare industry? Of course not! Video is unrivaled when it comes to engagement. This explains why TV ads were and still are the holy grail of marketing, and YouTube has become so successful. And if you didn’t know, YouTube is also a search engine. With that in mind, you must include video marketing in your marketing plan. 

Use social media

The world is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among social media platforms. You can reach millions of people in these virtual places and grow your brand in a way you had never imagined. Appearing on social media feeds helps to keep your brand in the users’ minds. They will not forget useful tips and their sources. 

There is no shame in having one or two of your staffers creating time every week to manage your social media pages. Perhaps they respond to comments, promote your services, or share interesting posts that will keep users interested. 


Content marketing, video marketing, social media, and having a mobile responsive website are powerful ways to reach new patients and customers. Every healthcare marketer should consider having them at the center of their marketing plan. 

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