With a lot of people returning to work, many are wondering how to stay safe most effectively. To protect ourselves as well as others, consider these tips.

recent survey found that 2 out of 3 American workers are uncomfortable with the idea of going back into work.

As the pandemic wears on, we’ve seen an increase in outbreaks in many cities that have allowed bars and other attractions to reopen. Employers everywhere are questioning how to stay safe and keep others safe in the work environment during this uncertain time.

Read on for some tips on how to stay safe if you are reopening your place of business.

Require Masks

Whether you’re operating a storefront or a small office space, require all who enter to wear masks. As the CDC has demonstrated, wearing a mask protects others from any germs we may be carrying.

Because not everyone may own a mask, try to provide them yourself. For employees, invest in durable, washable cloth masks designed for multiple wears. For patrons, disposable masks are suitable.

Maintain Distance Between Employees and Patrons

Do your best to enforce six feet of distance between two people.

If your employees work at desks or in cubicles, avoid large meeting tables and opt for spaced out, individual work stations. If you have patrons, make sure that you provide clear instructions on where they can stand or sit while in your establishment. You can do this with a combination of signs and floor tape.

Require Frequent Handwashing

No matter what industry you work in, now is an important time to practice frequent handwashing. Remind employees that they are to wash their hands for a full twenty seconds, making sure to lather soap on the backs of their hands, between their fingers, and under their nails.

You may also want to provide your employees with individual bottles of hand sanitizer that they can keep at their desks or on their person. Make sure that the hand sanitizer you provide is at least 70% rubbing alcohol.

Don’t Punish People for Taking Sick Leave

Many workplaces offer a specified number of sick days their employees can take in a year. When employees exceed that number, they may face some form of retribution.

Under the current circumstances, you may want to rethink that policy. This is not a time to ask employees to push through their physical health problems and come to work regardless of symptoms. If someone says that they aren’t feeling well, encourage them to go or stay home.

Maintain Basic Safety Supplies

Now that you’re going back to the workplace, make sure you have first aid kit refills. First aid kits are crucial to any safe workspace. Plus, having a well-stocked first aid kit on hand mitigates the need for employees to risk exposure to COVID-19 when visiting the emergency room or doctor’s office for minor injuries.

Learn How to Stay Safe Before Reopening

If you are in a position where it’s time for you to reopen your workspace, make sure you know how to stay safe first. Communicate your new initiatives to your employees and patrons before opening your doors. When everyone is on the same page, they will feel more comfortable and stay safe and healthy while in your place of business.

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