Often referred to as DUI, Driving under the influence is considered a serious and deadly crime, one that may warrant hefty fines, time in prison, or a combination of the two. But what does it mean when you are drunk and driving?

In layman’s terms, it’s when you’ve been found driving with excessive alcohol content in your bloodstream. This is usually determined by a blood test, alcohol blow, or the usual standard field sobriety tests. Various states have a legal drinking limit that may be denoted as 0.08% BAC, which motorists are required to adhere to. But what follows after a person has been found drinking and driving will play a crucial, if not a vital role consequentially. So, why is Treatment often the best solution after a DUI? Below are the reasons why:

It Could Help Reduce Your Sentence

The idea of being confined behind bars as a result of driving under the influence is not a pleasant one. It’s been found that alcohol and drugs have a major role in road accidents, as well as crime, and it is perhaps the reason why drunk-driving is considered a criminal offense. For someone who’s undergoing any sort of treatment option to curb or control their alcohol intake, it will most likely help reduce their sentencing when found driving under the influence.

While this shouldn’t be an excuse to overindulge, it’s been found to have a profound effect, especially as far as the judicial systems are concerned. When it comes to seeking help for alcoholism, it is always advisable to seek inpatient treatment if the addiction is advanced and is affecting your life. This is where medical detox is administered and monitored to help with the withdrawal process while preventing relapse.

Still, some go for holistic, or home-based programs. Whatever your inclinations, it will not only help you to get clean, but it could also play a vital role in helping reduce your sentencing after a DUI. In some states, being committed to a treatment program could see you avoid jail time altogether. That said, let’s take a look at other various types of treatment and interventions for addicts. They include:

  • Medication-assisted detoxification programs
  • Energy-based programs
  • Support programs
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Individual psychotherapy

It Allows You to Restructure Your Life

There are so many reasons why anyone should consider treatment after a DUI. However, the most important one is that after treatment with the right drug detox program, you will have a different perspective on life. For starters, you’ll lead a healthier and more fulfilled life. Secondly, you’ll perform at your optimal best, allowing you to hold on to jobs, family, and relationships. Let’s not forget the financial struggles an alcoholic faces. Committing to a rehabilitation program will allow you to make sound financial decisions, become more responsible, and set a good example for others. These are enough reasons for anyone to seek treatment after a DUI.

You Could Save Someone’s Life

There’s a good reason why every state has checkpoints on various intersections. It’s not to harass motorists but to ensure that our roads are safe. Violations of DUI laws lead to fines and convictions. But there’s more to this than meets the eye. Think of the many lives lost due to drunken driving behaviors. This can be avoided by controlling such behaviors at the early stages, and this is often achieved by enforcing treatment for motorists who have been found drunk driving. One thing to note is that alcohol-impaired accidents account for millions of deaths on our highways annually. By committing to a treatment program after a DUI, you could help save someone else’s life.

It Helps With Your Probation

For first-time offenders who’ve been found driving under the influence, higher chances are that they could be granted probation. Well, what this means is that they’ll be required to report to their parole or probation officers as the law requires. Now, as long as you’ve committed yourself to a treatment program, working with your parole officer can be a walk in the park. When the rules and the goals set by the counselors are met, such information will be relayed to the court system and this could greatly help to show that you are improving and you may see the seemingly severe penalties waived or the probation period shortened. Having someone on your side who can attest to your improvement may help with your case and allow you more time to work on your issues.

Finally, any treatment program that’s geared towards helping those struggling with alcohol or drug-related addictions will play a vital role in an individual’s improvement and as you can see from the above pointers, save a life. It could be the best solution after a DUI!