Is your current medical office in desperate need of a makeover? Whether it’s an old waiting room or lack of accessibility, giving your office a makeover can make your patients and staff feel more comfortable.

So, how do you transform your current office and make it more efficient? It’s not as hard as you might think!

Use our guide to give your medical office the makeover it deserves.

Determine the Needs of Your Medical Office

First, you need to identify the problems with your current setup. Is the space too small, or are the carpet and wallpaper looking a little dated?

Consider space, appearance, accessibility, and productivity.

Ask your staff what they recommend. You want to create a space that boosts productivity so your team can perform all medical office jobs from answering phones to taking payments.

Make sure to create a soothing breakroom your office staff can use to relax. Create a layout in the office area that eliminates distractions while boosting communication.

You also want to consider all your patients’ needs. To do this, you might consider sending out a survey to current patients asking for suggestions. Make sure they’re comfortable, or they won’t be back.

Create a Budget

Once you’ve determined the problems of your current office space, it’s time to set a budget. Do you need to completely gut the area? Can you get away with some paint, a new carpet, and more comfortable furniture?

Consult with a design company for help if you’re having trouble managing it on your own. It’s also important to consider whether renovations will cause disruptions and how you’ll accommodate patients during this time.

Make It Patient-Friendly

Keep in mind that great medical office design means considering both your staff and patients. You must consider patients of all ages, from young children to adults.

The office, as well as the exam room, also needs to be ADA-compliant.

Make sure you have enough seating, and that the seats are comfortable. Provide chairs with armrests so elderly patients can get up and sit down easier.

You should also provide free Wi-Fi for patients to use while they wait. This way, people missing work can continue to remain productive via their laptops or phones.

Offering little luxuries like coffee bars and snacks can keep patients happy as they wait. If you have a TV, make sure you choose programming that appeals to a wide audience.

Choosing Fixtures and Decorations

Patients should feel like they’re at home, or at least comfortable.

You want your medical office well-lit, but not so bright it hurts your patients’ eyes. Choose neutral paint colors and decorations that give off a professional but welcoming vibe.

Natural, calming colors such as blue or green, can put both your staff and patients at ease.

Choose chairs over couches. Chairs with armrests are easier for patients to use to stand.

Pick fabrics that are both easy to clean and long-lasting. While this may cost more upfront, the durability of these fabrics provides the most bang for your buck.

Boost Productivity and Comfort With a Makeover

Regardless of why your medical office needs a makeover, these tips can help you get started. Consider your needs, plan your budget, and choose a design company to help you out if needed.

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