When you’re feeling stressed or depressed it can be difficult to even get out of bed, what alone actually to have the motivation for a workout. Ironically, however, this could be a big part of the problem.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise could actually ease symptoms of anxiety and depression by releasing endorphins, taking your mind off your worries, and boosting your self-confidence. Interested in getting a workout in now?

Check out these four ways to enhance your mental health with a workout:

Consider a Pre-workout Supplement

There is a lot of different ideas about the health benefits of the best pre-workout supplements. Some say they’re unnecessary, which may be true for the average person simply doing 30-minutes on a stationary bike. However, for the real high-intensity workouts, supplements could be beneficial. According to HealthLine, the ideal nutrition before a workout will help “maximize your performance”. While you can get these nutrients from a healthy pre-workout meal or snack, it is also true that supplement use is common in sports and can “enhance performance, improve strength, increase lean body mass and reduce fatigue”. Looking into the best pre-workout supplements at RaveReviews can be a great way to find the ideal supplement for your next high-intensity workout.

Take a Surfing Lesson

Sometimes the thing holding us back from exercise is that it’s not a fun experience. Do you know what’s IS a fun experience though? Surfing! By taking surfing lessons for beginners at Ohana Surf Project, you can learn the basics of surfing from instructors with a passion for the sport ready to teach surf lessons at all skill levels. Surfing could be the perfect workout for someone desiring to boost their mental health as the instructors at Ohana Surf Project also teach the “mental, emotional, and spiritual elements” of surfing to get you in touch with nature and the beauty of the sport.

The beginner surf lesson will teach the beginner surfer the basics of surfing and help them catch their first wave. The surf lessons are customizable for your skill level – options are available for advanced surfers and beginners alike (a surfboard will be provided for the surf lesson if you don’t have your own). All surf instructors are CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard certified and are enthusiastic surfers themselves that are sure to know the best surf spots. The surf instructors are willing to provide private lessons or group surf lessons both of which will go over surf etiquette, surf technique, ocean awareness, and how to have the best surf experience from an expert instructor. Whether it’s your first time surfing or you’re in need of a refresher surf lesson — for a fun experience getting some relaxing exercise; check out the Ohana Surf Project surf school.


Yoga is a great way to get in some light exercise while focusing on positive energy. Plus, yoga has great versatility as it can be super light and relaxing or it can get intense and strenuous. Yoga is probably the best exercise for mental health as it has been proven to be beneficial in this area. According to Harvard Health, research has shown that yoga can aid in easing anxiety and depression. Plus, Harvard Health found that “the scientific study of yoga demonstrates that mental and physical health are not just closely allied but are essentially equivalent.”

Exercise Outdoors

Being outdoors can be a great option for a great workout mixed with a fun experience. This way, you’re getting the mood-boosting benefits of being outdoors AND of exercise all while having a fun experience (it’s a win, win, win). According to WebMD, being outdoors can decrease anxiety, gets you a healthy dose of vitamin-D, improves your sleep, improves your immunity, and is great for socializing.

Plus, according to the Mayo Clinic, getting social interaction and taking your mind off your worries can both be bonus benefits of exercising in this way with a friend or family member (social interaction and exercise are both shown to improve mood). Whether it’s walking, running, or bike riding; getting outside and getting in a nice workout can be fantastic for your mental health.