During the initial months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic became a global crisis that affected numerous industries, lives, and even the economy. Since World War II, this pandemic is the biggest challenge that endangered the human race.

Until the world successfully formulates the vaccine and flattens the curve in various countries, people will have to deal with preventing the transmission of the infection while coping with their daily lives.

COVID-19 And Some Precautionary Measures

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a contagion induced by a certain strain of viruses known as the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). This infectious disease is characterized by mild to moderate respiratory illness that can be resolved without specialized treatment. On the other hand, individuals with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease are at higher risk.

As a precautionary measure, everyone should be informed about how it transfers from one person to another. The transmission of COVID-19 occurs when infected individual coughs and sneezes, spreading saliva droplets and discharge droplets from the nose.

Thankfully, there are specific, science-backed measures that people can observe and practice to stop the dissemination of the infection. These preventative measures are a combination of small- and large-scale public health contributions such as individual efforts and government implementations.

According to the World Health Organization, you can protect yourself and others from COVID-19 through the following:

  • Wear medical face masks to prevent the spread of droplets and cross-contamination.
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with an antibacterial soap.
  • Rub your hands with alcohol and sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Minimize going to public, crowded places unless necessary.
  • Maintain physical distancing with other people with at least three feet distance.
  • Avoid touching unnecessary objects and your face.
  • Keep yourself informed with COVID-19 updates.

Importance Of Wearing Face Masks

As mentioned in the first preventive measure, face masks are essential for protection and have now become your must-haves and a part of your outfit-of-the-day. Combining face masks with other preventative measures can lessen your risk of contracting the disease.

Whether you’re a medical worker or a civilian, you should know your personal protective equipment (PPE) well:

  • Healthcare professionals working in direct contact with COVID-19 patients must wear N95 respirators.
  • Healthcare workers in medical facilities with no direct contact with COVID-19 patients require medical-grade face masks such as procedural and surgical face masks.
  • Citizens going out in public places must wear medical-grade face masks, but they can also make their own cloth or paper mask and filter.

When health experts suggested the use of face masks during the onset of the pandemic, the healthcare industry had a shortage of medical face masks. As demands exceed the available supplies of this essential PPE, face mask supply chains will continue to face distress.

Increased Protection For Everyone

Since individuals who purchase in bulk are usually entrepreneurs running a company with a workforce, buying medical face masks in bulk contributes to ensuring everyone’s safety. Inside the company, no one will be left out as there’s one for every employee. Whenever they need to replace their masks after a long day, there are still available pieces left.

Wearing masks not only for the disease carriers but everyone in the establishment is paramount to stopping the transmission of the infection. If you’re planning to purchase wholesale face masks for your family or organization, it’s important to know how they can protect you:

  • N95 Masks: N95 masks offer maximum protection as they can filter out both larger and smaller particles; hence, they are the safest bet against the virus. However, N95 masks are tricky to wear and require healthcare supervision to ensure a tight, proper seal, thus this is not ideal for everyone.
  • Surgical Masks: These medical face masks are the best option as they prevent contact with germ-containing sprays, splashes, and droplets. With both infected and non-infected individuals wearing these masks, there’s a low probability of infection.
  • Cloth Masks: When N95 and surgical masks aren’t available, people can use cloth masks for trapping droplets, especially in public places. Cloth masks made from tightly-woven cotton and other preventive measures can contribute to slowing the spread of the virus.

While face masks are excellent for virus protection, take note that the recipe for public health safety includes other guidelines that you should observe at your workplace or home. 

5 Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Face Masks

If you’re looking for a reliable source of medical face masks, you should buy wholesale face masks in bulk. Whether you’re ensuring the safety of your family or you’re a business owner who wishes to protect employees, here are the top benefits that you can obtain from purchasing them wholesale:

Purchase More With Lower Prices

Purchasing any item in bulk is always bound to get you more discounts and offers, thus more opportunities to save money. Medical face masks are on a greater demand recently, and suppliers easily ran out of stocks, so expect that their prices are relatively higher compared to last year, when the pandemic hasn’t spread yet.

Essentially, wholesale is cheaper than retail purchase as suppliers tend to add less markup than a reseller. There’s no need for a middleman within every transaction. By buying more items in a single purchase, there are more chances for discounts, especially if the supplier wants you to keep coming back to them.

To survive the pandemic, many people today are engaging in retail businesses as an addition or replacement for their jobs, which will also be discussed later. Aside from personal or organizational use, you can resell medical face masks to get a small profit. The more your orders are, the higher your profit can be.

Guarantees Dependability

As mentioned previously, medical face masks are on a great demand to satisfy healthcare and public needs. Particularly during the pandemic’s early stages, factories are struggling to produce more than their maximum, but every mask is expensive and difficult to make. If you’re going to buy face masks in bulk, you can then ensure stocks for your consumption and for other people’s use, especially since it’ll take longer to beat the pandemic.

Along with guaranteed dependability, you can also confirm the quality of face masks that you provide to your family, employees, or customers. A continuous supply of medical face masks with the same brand and quality can contribute to building positive relationships, both with your suppliers and customers.

However, make sure that you’ll only order enough bulk supply and give way to other people who are in much more need of face masks. When face masks became scarce a few months ago, many retailers took advantage of their stocks and increase face mask prices by almost 200%.

 Promotes Practicality For Long-Term Use

Despite the pandemic’s risks and dangers, people need to keep going with their lives under the new normal.

Wholesale or bulk purchases present a simplified business process that can minimize your exposure to the infection. Bulk purchases would lessen the need for repurchasing. In this way, you won’t have to physically negotiate with the buyer or delivery personnel frequently.

Moreover, your packages can come in a long way, and you’ll have to disinfect them thoroughly to eliminate germs and bacteria. If you make more purchases, this will mean that more personnel will handle your package during packing, labelling, and shipping. If one of their staff is positive for the virus, then your health may be compromised.

Lessens Shipping Costs

Purchase transactions presently are on the new normal setting, composed of online shopping and skeletal workforces. Since physical stores are limited and risky, the best method to receive your face mask orders is through shipping. Since you’ll be making one to two bulk purchases, you can save on shipping costs compared to ordering frequently but in small amounts.

A plethora of factors covers shipping costs: administrative paperwork, courier pick-up and delivery, and many more. Although you’ll have to pay more because of the weight and size of your bulk order, it’s still relatively cheaper than delivering them one at a time.

If you’re planning to invest in selling face masks, or you have a large company for which you must provide these masks, you can further save on shipping costs through maximizing vehicle space. Typically, shipping rates are flat whether the vehicle is filled to its capacity or not.

Lastly, shipping discounts and free shipping are widely offered by many sellers as long as you reach their minimum purchase amount. Some stores also give away shipping coupon codes for a limited number of customers, so be alert for these discounts.

Provides A Head Start For Business

Selling medical face masks today doesn’t mean you’re taking advantage of the health crisis negatively. Everyone has witnessed the impact of COVID-19 in both small- and large-scale sectors. Since companies temporarily require a limited workforce or have turned bankrupt, many individuals are forced into unemployment.

To provide for their daily needs, people are tuning to self-owned businesses. Many people today prefer to support smaller businesses to help families in need. If you have sufficient savings for establishing a business, selling medical face masks can be your head start. You can begin with smaller quantities and work your way up.

The Bottom Line

Medical face masks have long been in existence, but their importance has been highlighted because of this global health issue. Since people can’t leave their houses without wearing any protection such as a face mask, purchasing them in bulk can offer various benefits that you might not think of.






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