The global healthcare industry is undergoing a severe crisis in this pandemic, under such circumstances, many experts argue that voice tech can pull off a lot of burden from the shoulders of the medical field COVID-19 warriors and would be a huge sigh of relief for people owing to multiple reasons.

But at the same time healthcare voice tech comes with its challenges and disruptions, which, when worked around effectively, can be turned into prolific opportunities.

Voice Tech: Why is it needed?

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are already household names. They are used very comfortably with high frequency for mundane tasks like booking a cab or ordering food or setting an event reminder.

With multiple mobile app development companies coming fiercely into the field, the voice tech will have more tasks to accomplish than it does now. Smart voice tech can smoothly help people deal with chronic healthcare issues.

Without any second thoughts, it is agreed that gradually artificial intelligence is covering up for all the remaining human labor, but it will still have to advance itself more when it comes to the medical sector.

Healthcare app development should come up as an individual player in the market because it needs the hour.

One of the main reasons is that even after lockdowns and the pandemic, the fear of going out, especially to the hospitals, will remain within the people. This will make them move towards self -sufficient and self- reliant healthcare services.

Technology comes with a warning

Individual healthcare app developers do exist and are doing pretty well. For instance, Mayo Clinic, based in Minnesota, already has its own First Aid Skill Kit.

The kit provides quick and immediate self-care instructions for several regular mishaps that, too, from a highly trustworthy source.

It does come with a statutory warning that their guidelines shouldn’t be used in any kind of life-threatening emergency.

 Voice technology in health care acts as a bridge between the medical practitioners and the patients in recognizing early symptoms of any acute or a chronic disease like diabetes or cardiovascular issues, and this comes as a significant turning point in the health sector because at times people find it highly inconvenient to travel for a check-up.

Although professional health check-ups and diagnosis cannot be replaced or substituted under any circumstances, this voice technology can be used to detect the symptoms and guide the patient towards the probable causes and provide useful information and results and answers from medical experts online.

Who benefits the most? 

The next important aspect which the voice tech will help in determining is done the patient needs to be in a clinic or a hospital or does the diagnosis involve self-care, now this is very important and relevant mainly to the case post-Corona because a lot of times people are told by doctors that their ailments can be cured by proper self-care.

With the voice technology in the healthcare sector, the crowd in the hospitals and clinics will be reduced substantially, decreasing the fear of any kind, particularly about COVID 19amongst the chronic patients.

Moreover, the voice tech will be the best received by the old age group who have a lot of trouble typing and, at times travelling to and fro the hospital. This indeed comes as a boon to them.

Route for Digitizing Healthcare

The healthcare app developers have made it very clear that extremely high level of answers should not be expected from the voice tech in the initial phase because that takes a sophisticated algorithm to answer which is yet to be developed by them and would take some more time to be professionally secure as well.

Individual medical organizations can Hire mobile app developers who can create a map as per the hospital’s needs and personalize it according to their choices and preferences.

This can include numerous options such as having a patient database customized for each doctor differently and a patient-specific part of the app where the in the patient is reminded regularly about their medication checkups and reports.

Simultaneously this patient-related information and data are linked directly with the doctor’s database.

The doctor is continuously updated with the progress of his patient without the patient visiting him every time.

 This will ensure that the doctors can focus on more patients and automatically increase each hospital’s capacity, therefore providing better medical facilities to the entire population.

Precision and Patience are mandatory

Healthcare-related voice technology is far more complicated than any other offering of this kind. The reason is that healthcare is related to the lives and the well being of the people.

This voice user interface in the healthcare industry has to be very carefully created because everyone user has a different case.

Everyone needs to have a personalized touch for their queries. It cannot be a necessary robotic talk; the answers cannot be generalized.

Many voice app developers often worry about the tone and the rhythm of the voice of the answers, but actually, that is not what matters the most in this particular field; is the kind of responses that need to be designed to be tailor-made for a person.

So, the algorithm which should be used for this has to be far more evolved than any other algorithm used so far.


No matter how much time it takes to develop voice technology it should be taken forward to take a more compliant and serviceable shape, as it is the future of the healthcare industry and this one fact that cannot be denied.

Hence the question of this getting redundant or irrelevant falls invalid. Moreover, after such a tedious task of dealing with an entire pandemic, the doctors, the nurses, and the whole medical staff needs to calm down a bit and relax.

Voice tech is one way that can help them go ahead peacefully, relax, rejuvenate, and get back saving lives again!


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