Old people are generally more prone to developing health diseases.

It’s a fact, based on human biology. As we grow older, our immune system becomes comparatively weaker, and our health status becomes more vulnerable to ailments.

However, some health risks are still very rare, while others can occur very commonly during old age.

In this post, we are discussing four health risks and concerns that are most common during old age. So, if you or your loved one(s) are growing old, practice caution against the following.

Slips and Falls

One of the studies published by W.H.O states that 28%-35% of people over 65 years of age get injured by falling at least once every year.

And such accidents are the leading cause of hip bone fractures and head injuries among older people.

Surely, the case of slips and falls poses a great threat to the overall health of older individuals.

Here are a few tips that can help prevent such mishaps:

  • Walking with a stick or a four-legged walker. Four-legged walkers are the safest.
  • Not walking much when there’s no help around.
  • Exercising for strengthening muscles. It’s good for younger people as well, so their muscles are well prepared for the challenges of old age.

Oral Health Issues

Just like other body parts and systems, your dental and oral health may also deteriorate in old age.

We know how some people lose their teeth, and others develop issues like gingivitis, periodontitis and others.

If not attended and treated properly at the right time, these issues may end up harming your gums and the bones holding your teeth.

It’s crucial to always prioritize your dental hygiene and health. Also, it’ll be good if you reach out to your dentist at least once in two to three weeks for a regular checkup.

Heart Diseases

Depending on your genetics, lifestyle and eating habits, you may as well be vulnerable to heart problems.

We aren’t trying to scare you, but heart diseases are the leading causes of deaths among people over 65 years of age.

This calls for serious attention that you must pay to your cardiac well being.

It’s good to cut down on cholesterol, especially when you are old, foods rich with cholesterol can be extremely harmful to your health. Secondly, it’d be good to indulge in a mild physical workout.

Apart from this, turning to fresh vegetables and fruits is a must while dealing with heart disease situations.

Emotional Challenges

It’s true that life does not remain happening throughout. As we grow old, people who we’ve spent our lives with grow distant and may not be around for a long time.

Plus, it’s an age when most people stop working. This also gives rise to overthinking and several other activities which may, in turn, disturb the mental and emotional health of a person.

And the worst happens when these emotional challenges start acting as barriers for the physical well being. As a result, the body may take way longer than usual to repair and eliminate the disease.

Having stable emotional support from a close relative or a family member can help in this case. Modern medical services like Freedomcare allow old people to hire their family members and relatives as caregivers.

Apart from this, when your favorite caregiver is around you, you may as well indulge in minor physical activities. That will also uplift your mood.

Final Words

With all the health risks and concerns circulating our lives, growing up may often become challenging. However, by identifying them in their early stages, we may be able to fix them up quickly. In this post, we mentioned four such health risks that are most common among old people. Hopefully, this was helpful.