The advancements in technology have radically transformed the healthcare industry and our lives. The technology that has made us lazy by bringing convenience in our lives, is also helping us maintain our health. Technology in healthcare has improved the healthcare system, reduced costs for patients and healthcare providers, and improved diagnosis and treatments of diseases. Among the best outcomes of technology in healthcare are the doctor-patient scheduling apps. 

In India, we have an average of 2 doctors per 1000 patients. So, one can imagine the kind of pressure a doctor faces to see all his patients, and also the trouble patients have to go through to get an appointment from a doctor. Doctor-patient scheduling apps help doctors efficiently manage and automate their practice by managing patient appointments. These apps also help save valuable time for the patients who don’t have to wait for long hours to meet a doctor and help improve the utilization of critical resources. Therefore, today we’ll be looking at the best healthcare doctor-patient scheduling apps in 2020.


4.7 Rating | 5M+ Downloads | 108K+ Reviews

Practo is one of the best mHealth apps in 2020 for scheduling doctor-patient appointments. In fact, it offers more than scheduling appointments. The healthcare app enables patients to chat and consult with a doctor 24*7, maintain their health records online, buy health plans for family, and read regular health tips.

The users of Practo can also receive health tips and advice for verified Practo specialists. Additionally, they can view the doctor’s profile and consultation fees on the app and proceed with booking appointments after reading their feedback. The app also enables consulting doctors through a video chat.


Essentially, 10to8 is a cloud-based mobile web-app that doesn’t require downloading from the Play Store or App Store. The app works smoothly on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. 10to8 is a trusted HIPAA compliant medical scheduling software in the United States. The app helps medical practitioners by enabling them to focus on their practise and reduce costly appointment no-shows. It informs them if a patient forgot their appointment or is expected to come before scheduled time.

Patients can use the app to schedule, reschedule or cancel their appointments with their general practitioners. They also receive reminders through email and text message. The appointments are synched automatically with the user calendars and the app can be integrated with Gmail, iCal, and Outlook accounts.


4.1 Rating | 5M+ Downloads | 61K+ Reviews

Lybrate is another top-performing healthcare doctor-patient scheduling app in 2020. Essentially, it is one of the best online doctor consultation apps in India. The app connects over 10 million users with more than 100,000 highly-trained medical experts and enables them to buy health products with good discounts and cashback offers. Users of the app can find doctors with different specializations, consult them online or book appointments to make a visit. They can also ask medical experts health or fitness related questions for free and read health tips.

Lybrate was also awarded the World’s most innovative company in 2016 in Healthcare, and the most promising start-up of the year in 2015. It is also a digital partner of the Indian Medical Association.


4.7 Rating | 10K+ Downloads | 279+ Reviews

Clinicia is more than just a doctor-patient scheduling app. It is a comprehensive medical practice management software for doctors that helps then store patients’ medical information and records and enables them to seamlessly connect with patients. 

The main features offered by the Clinicia app are appointment scheduling, E-prescriptions, Electronic Medical Record, E-Billing, digital consent forms, reports and analysis, and expense management. The doctors can manage appointments for multiple clinics through a calendar. The doctors receive daily notifications fo all scheduled appointments for the day. Patients also receive sms and email notifications for appointments.

Doctor At Work 

4.4 Rating | 10K+ Downloads | 226 Reviews

Lastly, Doctor At Work is another doctor-patient scheduling app that is gaining the trust of users. The app offers a patient appointment tracker, Electronic Medical Record, Rx printer, sales and income generator, etc. The app helps manage patient appointments along with storing the examination, treatment and diagnosis records of the patients. It also helps in billing and tracking sales.

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