A cataract is a common problem that impacts a significant part of the population. Generally, it happens in people who are above the age of fifty, but it could even happen to those who are below that age. Both men and women are prone to cataract. So, what exactly is a cataract and why is cataract surgery needed? A person could be suffering from cataract when his or her eye lens starts clouding which normally should remain clear and free from any visual disturbances. Looking through a cataract lens is almost the same as looking through cloudy lenses or through a foggy window. Cataracts develop with time. Initially, they may not disturb vision too much but over a period of time, it becomes quite tough to see beyond a few feet. 

Therefore there is a need to identify the right cataract surgery Hong Kong professionals. If you look around and spend some time on the internet, you will be able to come across many cataract surgeons and clinics. However, choosing the right clinic requires the right information and knowledge. While we will share some general information about the various tips to consider when choosing a good cataract surgery clinic, we will also talk about Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre, Hong Kong who could be a good choice. So, here are a few proven and time-tested tips that could come in handy while choosing these professionals.

Take References From Friends, Colleagues & Relatives 

Personal feedback and references from reliable people are without any doubt one of the best ways to know more about cataract clinics and doctors. Therefore, it would be a good idea to speak to one’s friends and relatives who may have undergone cataract surgeries from eye surgeons and clinics in the neighbourhood. You can be sure that they will be able to give you positive references to some good clinics including the likes of Clarity Eye and Surgery Center. If you take some trouble and probe deeper into cataract clinics like Clarity Eye and Surgery Center, you will find out the reasons why they are able to get such positive feedback from customers. This particular clinic has been around for many years and has a proven track record and also has successfully treated many cataract patients over the past many years. 

Check On The Infrastructure

It is also important to thoroughly check on the infrastructure and facilities of the clinic that you are planning to choose. While many of the clinics advertise quite heavily, you should always remember the proverb that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It would be a good idea to personally visit the clinic and have a good look at the facilities available. Reputed clinics like Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre would only be too happy to allow their clients to have a closer look at the various facilities and infrastructure that they have. 

The clinic should have state of the art infrastructure including a good operation theatre, and the best of surgeons and anesthetists among other support staff. The clinic should also have enough general beds to help patients to recover and recuperate after the surgery. 

Good clinics like Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre offer a number of other services. These include total eye examination for detecting cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma, retinal detachment, floaters, amblyopia, macular degeneration and even strabismus in children. They also will be in a position to offer other services like LASIK, SMILE, ICL, IOL and other such advanced treatments and services. Their overall goal and objective should be focused on ensuring the quality of life for the clients and ensure that they have better vision after the surgery and other forms of treatments. 

Experience And Expertise

Even if the clinic has the best of infrastructure, doctors, surgeons and support staff, you must not ignore the critical importance of experience and expertise. Any cataract clinic cannot aspire to become big and successful overnight in a highly competitive and demanding market scenario in Hong Kong. As mentioned above, there are many dozens of such clinics in the city and quite a few dozens of them may have shut shop after a year or two. It is tough to survive and grow in a competitive scenario. Therefore, you must always be on the lookout for a good clinic that has been around at least for eight to ten years if not more. Any cataract clinic that has been around for eight to ten years can easily be considered good. They would have treated quite a few dozens of cataract patients successfully. It would be pertinent to mention here the Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre has rich experience in performing a number of successfully cataract surgeries. 

Safety of Patients & Track Record

Though modern-day cataract surgeries are easy to perform and literally free from risks and side effects, some dangers of infections and other such problems still remain. This is where clinics like Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre could make a world of difference. Such experienced and professionally managed clinics spare no effort to ensure that all the standard operating procedures with regard to safety and well being of the patients are taken care of. They also have specially qualified personnel and staff and the right infrastructure and equipment to make this possible. 

The Best of Post-Surgery Care

Though cataract surgeries today are minor operations and the recovery rates are excellent and quite fast, there is still a need for some careful post-surgery care and follow-up. Professional cataract clinics like Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre are extremely particular about the quality and frequency of post-surgery care. This will help in faster healing of the cataract surgery injury and also prevent the risk of infections quite significantly. 

Fee Structure & Insurance 

Any good cataract clinic such as Clarity Eye & Surgery Center will be able to be extremely transparent about their fee structure. While it should be competitive, they will never compromise on quality because they are ready to offer their services for a cheaper amount. Finally, you must check out whether they have insurance tie-ups with the best insurance companies. Cataract operations and surgeries cost a lot of money and having insurance coverage is a must.


To conclude, we hope that the above article may have helped our readers to have an understanding of the tips to be kept in mind when choosing the right Cataract Clinic. Further, it also may have helped the readers to know more about reputed clinics like Clarity Eye & Surgery Centre, Hong Kong.