Limitless pills, as the name suggests, refers to pills that claim to boost the mental health of the consumer significantly and allow him to do the toughest of mental jobs easily. The inspiration of such limitless pills, or more commonly called brain & memory supplements, comes from the famous movie Limitless in which Bradley Cooper gains limitless powers after taking the mysterious NZT-48 limitless pill. The transformation brought about by this pill is tremendous making Cooper’s character a superman with excellent memory and intelligence. But do such pills exist or is the manufacture of such pills possible? The answer is no.

Limitless pills as shown in the movie are highly unrealistic. But there are limitless pills which are nootropics or natural supplements which work to improve the functioning of the human brain by boosting the blood supply and stimulating cognitive functioning, say experts at Top Brain Enhancements.

Claims Made by Memory Supplement Makers

While many companies making these so-called smart drugs make outrageous claims about their effect on the human brain and its functioning, limitless reviews show that the actual benefits are much less than claimed. And in many cases very high doses can lead to some significant changes, but this can prove to be risky. Also, there is no scientific evidence to show that brainpower can be restored to original or supernormal levels by using any drug or therapy. However, several natural products have been proven to show a positive impact on the functioning of the brain and improving the mental health of a person. So when you decide to use a real-life limitless drug, do not expect supernormal benefits but look for some improvement over your existing situation. Modalert 200 is a limitless pill, you can buy these pills at

What Can Make You Limitless?

A good and healthy lifestyle along with a balanced diet comprising of various nutrients and vitamins can improve your brainpower and allow you to perform to your best capacity. But no drug or brain & memory supplement can make you limitless with supernormal abilities like Bradley Cooper in the movie. What you can achieve is better focus and memory along with improved cognitive functioning by taking trusted dietary or memory supplements made up of natural ingredients such as caffeine and amino acids like L-Theanine.

Are These Pills Safe?

The so-called limitless pills should be taken only after consulting a physician or a health expert and that too in the prescribed dosage. Although most of the nootropics with natural ingredients do not have any side effects, certain people may still experience mild headache, stomach pain, brain fog, and dizziness. Experts point out that of the many ingredients in these pills, there may be one that may interact with medicines already being taken by you for some other conditions and prove to be risky. So while these pills are generally safe, pregnant and lactating women plus people with some other medical conditions and thus on medication should avoid smart drugs or nootropics, mention limitless reviews.

Choosing the top brain enhancements for yourself requires checking the ingredients and their proportions. Some pills are made from a proprietary formula derived from several ingredients that waters down the benefit from each ingredient.