Like the common cold, mental disorders affect people from all walks of life. The poor can get overly anxious because of money problems. A well-educated member of the middle class can get depressed over rejected proposals and failed relationships. Insanely rich celebrities fall prey to their narcissism, and they go to the extreme in their quest to always look pretty. 

Even with their prevalence, this class of illnesses is ironically still very much misunderstood. Many if not all known mental disorders still have so many secrets that we have yet to discover. 

The mystery that still shrouds mental disorders might be due to the fact that we still don’t know what really causes them and what really characterizes them. Most of the time, we just deal with symptoms but as we all know, managing the symptoms does not address the real issue. 

Fortunately, the things that help us avoid developing mental disorders are fairly simple to do. We present three of such things here.


The coronavirus pandemic that ravaged a good part of 2020 has changed the way we live our lives. We are now advised to wear masks when we go out. We are also told to keep our distance from each other. 

The recommendation to stay away does not mean that we also have to keep emotionally distant from our peers. Socializing is still important, if not more important, nowadays. Whenever you can, connect with friends and family. Talk to them via video calls and texts. The constant communication will surely help us remain sane during these crazy times.

Taking a break from your stresses

The life that we live is never free from stressors. There’s the never-ending demands of our work and then there’s the pressure to excel from our schools. While these are not necessarily bad, they still take their toll on our bodies and minds. Sustained exposure to these stressors can lead to fatigue. 

Give yourself a break once in a while. Go out and relax. Stay at home and do nothing. Do what we feel will be more effective in keeping your mind away from your busy life, even just for a short while. 

The break will help you gather the strength that you need to keep overcoming your challenges. To make this short “me time” more effective in combating stress, you might want to consider taking anti-stress supplements from reliable manufacturers like Blue Bonnet

Bring nature into your home

Numerous studies have shown that being with nature provides relief to weary souls like ours. This is perhaps the reason we usually seek the beach or the countryside when we want to rest. 

Now if traveling to nature isn’t possible, you can still enjoy its benefits by bringing potted plants and even pictures of the beach and other natural sceneries in your home. 

Aside from these three, there are other ways to give our mental health a boost. There’s no need to do them all. We just have to stick with the ones that work best for us.