Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been a hot and debatable topic over the decades. Many believe that it can slow down the aging process. That is why many companies have made a living out of this by producing synthetic injections and pills that claim to have HGH.

With this, allow us to give some answers to some of the concerns you may have. We will also share what we know about HGH to shed clarity on this subject.

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Natural Growth Hormone

Before we talk about HGH, let us discuss what a growth hormone is. During our childhood up to adolescence stage, it fuels growth inside our bodies. The main function of growth hormones is to help maintain tissues and organs. This comes from the pituitary gland inside our brain.

Growth hormone is a protein hormone made of around 190 amino acids. These are synthesized and produced by cells (somatotrophs) inside the anterior pituitary. Growth hormone helps in controlling physiological processes like growth and metabolism.

Remember that growth is a complex process. This is because it involves a lot of sub-processes inside us. It necessitates the coordination of several hormones. Growth hormone helps in bone and muscle growth. Moreover, growth hormone has effects on protein, lipids, and carbohydrate metabolism.

Synthetic HGH

However, as we age or grow older, our pituitary gland is not producing as much growth hormones as they used to.

That is why many companies started producing synthetic human growth hormone (HGH). This is to answer high customer demand of wanting to look young and feel better. They wanted to slow down the aging process and reduction in muscle and bone mass.

While many claim this synthetic HGH have effects. Many are still doubtful about it. If not properly administered, it may lead to health problems or complications. We will talk more about these and the possible side effects later.

Uses of Synthetic HGH

As we age, there is indeed a natural slowdown in growth hormones. But there are cases of significant reduction or huge deficiency in growth hormones. A benign tumor on the pituitary gland is one of the causes of this deficiency. It may also be due to the treatment of radiotherapy or adenoma with surgery.

In special cases that require medical attention, doctors prescribe synthetic HGH.  Upon injection of synthetic HGH, it can increase bone density and muscle mass. It can likewise decrease body fat.

Scientifically, HGH has been proven to help treat deficiencies in adults with AIDS or HIV-related diseases.

HGH treatment has been approved to treat adults that have AIDS or HIV-related growth hormone deficiency.  This causes the irregular distribution of body fat.

Studies on HGH treatment are also being conducted for Lipodystrophy. This disease is associated with body fat irregularities and abnormalities that may also be due to HIV disease.

There are also studies showing HGH treatment may be possible for thymic function related concerns.

Effects of HGH treatment in Healthier Adults

The effects of HGH treatment in healthier adults are not yet conclusive. The studies are still limited at this time. They also vary. Some studies indicate that human growth hormone helps increase muscle mass. It also seems to show a reduction of body fat in healthy adults.

However, this increase in muscle does not automatically result in increased strength. Hence, the full benefits of human growth hormone in healthy adults are still to be verified.

Risks and Side Effects of HGH treatment in Healthier Adults

In healthier adults, there may be some side effects. Hence, caution should be taken in taking HGH treatment for healthy adults. These include carpal tunnel syndrome, joint muscle pain, and swelling of arms and legs (called edema). Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes are also possible side effects. A more dangerous side effect can be an increased risk to acquire certain cancers. In men, it may also result in enlargement of breast tissue, called gynecomastia.

As earlier discussed, the studies of HGH treatment in healthy older adults are currently limited. Although there are possible side effects and risks, further evaluation of long-term effects is yet to be completed.

Legalities of HGH Treatment

To date, HGH treatment is only approved in the US for treating deficiencies brought about by HIV related infections. It is only also administered via injection.

Note that the Food and Drug Administration controls the use of HGH. Given this, brands that claim to have muscle-building effects or as an anti-aging using HGH are not yet approved by the FDA.

The pill form is not yet also available for this treatment. There may be some dietary supplements that claim to increase HGH levels. But there are still no conclusive and proven studies that show they really work.


We have natural growth hormones produced mostly during our childhood. As we age, these are lessened. Some adults experience greater deficiencies brought about by certain diseases like HIV-related. The US Food and Drug Administration approves the treatment of this using synthetic HGH injection.

There may be supplements now that claim to have HGH. But, studies on other uses and benefits of synthetic HGH are still very limited. No conclusive evidence yet on the synthetic HGH has been proven on healthy older adults.

If you need more information on HGH, please visit our site at HGH Thai.  Also, to improve your health, have a balanced healthy diet. Exercise regularly. And for other concerns, consult your doctor.