Nursing is both a calling and a career path. It is one of the most fulfilling jobs that are available to people today. Most of them have chosen this career path because they love to help people. They tend to have a very positive effect on the lives of their patients. If you enjoy making a difference in people’s lives, nursing is the best option for you. It is a career filled with many opportunities, rewards, and challenges. 

To become one, you will require sending in your resume to different hospitals for consideration. A career expert and a former nurse, Laura G., from nursing resume service, says: “The nursing resume can be quite impactful in attaining your dream job. Their employers are very strict and you should deliver your nursing CV in a matter of hours upon request.” If you are still not sure of becoming one, here are eleven reasons why:

Flexible Work Schedule

Depending on your needs, you can switch up your work schedule as you please. You can easily take an evening shift if working during the day won’t suit you. You can also opt to work over a long period in a few days so you can get more time for family. Read this article titled as How to Become a CNA: Classes, Training, Certification & Your Career for more information.

Competitive Salary

There is always a high demand for exceptional nurses. This translates to a higher salary for all of them. Nursing practitioners are paid very well and get many benefits. During this COVID-19 menace, they are needed even more than before.

Interesting Specialities

They can work in diverse environments. They can opt for psychiatric wings or emergency rooms. They have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a specialty. A nursing degree can land you a job in any degree.

Well-Respected Job

They have a long reputation for being compassionate, healers, and nurturers. They are ranked highly in society and the medical profession. The job has very high ethical standards. 

Variety of Work Environments

They are not limited only to hospitals. They can work in schools, corporate clinics, or even nursing care facilities. They have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to locations.

Professional Development Opportunities

They are continually learning new things on the job. There is a huge opportunity to learn new things every day. There are many professional development opportunities available. With more than 5 types of nurses, there is a wealth of options of choose from. 

Exciting Profession

This is not a normal desk job. They get a lot of exciting experiences while on call. The job will allow you to meet different people from different backgrounds every day.

Steady Growth

Nurses are required in very many different ways. There is an increase in demand each year for them. There is always a need for them in health insurance and many advances in the health industry.

Excellent Training Options

There are many existing training options for nurses. They are usually presented by different training options to advance their knowledge and skills. They can access different training programs online to help them gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

Build Relationships

Nurses around the world are acknowledged for saving people’s lives. This has developed many intricate relationships with the families of the patients, especially if they have terminal illnesses. Many of them spend weeks, months, and even years with different patients. They get to know them on a profound level.

Travel the World

Nursing is a meaningful career all over the world. There are many job opportunities in different parts of the world. They can work easily in various places once accredited with the relevant authorities.


Nursing is an excellent career path. It provides tremendous advantages that both nurses and the patients’ experience. There is always a high demand for nurses to ensure great pay. A nursing job is easily transferable, making the working hours extremely flexible.