In the recent past, there has been a lot of advancement in the field of technology. The laser therapy, to treat hair loss and increase the growth of hair, was earlier performed by the professional doctors at clinics. But nowadays, people are provided with such treatment at home, saving their time and money. This has become possible with the invention of laser cap, which uses low level laser therapy or cold laser therapy, to promote the growth of hair. Many companies have come up with their product but the Capillus laser cap is one of the best.

Capillus laser cap is of three types; based upon the power and number of lasers used. These are Capillus 82, also called Capillus Ultra, Capillus 202 named as Capillus Plus and Capillus 272 which is also known as Capillus pro.

Following are some of the specifications of Capillus Laser Cap, which makes it the best out of all:

Approved by FDA

Capillus laser cap has undergone several clearances and tests to be able to get approval from the FDA. The doctors and engineers of the company have conducted clinical studies and tests on different patients using Capillus 272 for 17 weeks to get an amazing result. The hair count in both men and women increased by 51% and their overall hair condition also improved.

  • Amazing reviews: While buying Capillus laser cap, you can go through Capillus Laser Cap Review as millions of people have benefitted using the product. They have been able to treat hair loss and promote new hair growth. The user reviews are great and can prove to be beneficial for anyone eyeing to buy it.
  • No severs harmful effects:


Low level laser therapy is used in the process which involves power of 600 to 1000 nanometers. Thus, all the laser rays are absorbed by hair follicles that help to increase the growth phase. Therefore, Capillus laser cap does not show any harmful effects on users. Also, it has been tried and tested on various men and women, who are happy with the product and have healthy hair. It can be used safely at home as declared by FDA.

  • Precautionary measures ensured: Capillus laser cap ensures that no harm is caused to skin cells or scalp and the laser light can be absorbed by the user without causing any pain or discomfort. The temperature of the cap has been automatically adjusted so that power level does not create excessive heat.
  • Available in diverse budgets: The three types of Capillus caps are available in different price range, ranging from 999$ to 2999$. As the number of laser rays increase, so does the price. With increase in number of lasers, it has been observed that the results are better and faster.
  • Best selling product: In the year 2019, Capillus cap has been hot selling product as most of the users were totally satisfied and had great experience derived from long term treatment. It is not an overnight miracle but a long term procedure which can last up to 6 months.
  • Different type for people with different problem:

Capillus 82 is suggested for people who have minimal hair loss counter they are in early stages of hair loss and who want to recover small areas of their head. Also, this may take a little longer than other types. Capillus 202 is suitable for those who want to strike balance between the price and the results achieved. Moreover, this type of Capillus cap comes with a 2year warranty. Almost 95% of the cases have derived optimal results by using this cap. The last and the costliest type of Capillus cap, i.e., Capillus 272 aims to provide full coverage and does not leave any area on the scalp. It aims to show faster results than Capillus 82.

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  • Easily available: Capillus caps are easily available online. You can order them from the safety of your home and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep. Due to the amazing Capillus laser cap review, it is available widely in various countries so that people can avail the benefits in the luxuries of their homes.
  • Realistic and trustworthy: The people who are really willing to spend some amount of time in the treatment should go for Capillus caps. It has been proved that Capillus laser cap works wonders in the long run and is sure to yield benefits to the users. Be it any type of Capillus cap, you can completely rely on it for good results.

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