Dental implant specialists have quickly become a popular option for replacing missing teeth. Whether it’s a single tooth or several teeth, the versatility of implants make them ideal for many people. Some of the best reasons to choose dental implants over other tooth replacement options are listed below.

Easier to care for

Implants don’t rely on surrounding teeth to hold them in place as a bridge or denture would. Because of this, no special tools are needed to keep them clean. They are treated as a natural tooth. Simple brushing and flossing are all that is required to keep your implant healthy. Bridges require special tools to clean beneath them because all the teeth are bonded together. Partial dentures may hold food against teeth, creating cavities and bad breath.

Longer lasting

A properly healed implant, when cared for in a healthy person, should last a lifetime. Occasionally, the crown portion of the implant may need to be replaced if esthetics change or trauma causes the porcelain to chip. This is an easy non-invasive fix that can be accomplished in 1 or 2 visits. When the cost of an implant is compared to the cost of multiple bridge or denture replacements, the implant is the best long-term investment. The total cost of each option varies across the country and will be determined by where you live as well as your dental benefits.

Prevents loose dentures

Tooth loss is always upsetting for a patient and dentist.  Losing all your teeth and wearing dentures can be traumatic.  Dentures will not function as natural teeth would. They cannot tear and mash food, they can move when you eat and they may also prevent you from tasting your food because they cover the roof of your mouth. Many patients also find they gag on dentures and may not be able to wear them comfortably.  Over time, dentures become loose and need to be refitted or remade. The use of adhesive becomes necessary and patients find they avoid enjoying certain foods or social situations because of their ill-fitting dentures.  The placement of implants allows a denture to strongly adhere to the mouth.  There is no risk of dentures moving or falling out when eating or speaking and so the need for the adhesive is non-existent.  Implant dentures may also allow the roof of the mouth to remain exposed, hence the ability to taste food and less gagging.

Saves bone

When someone loses a tooth, the body shrinks the bone overtime where the tooth or teeth used to be. This can cause a change in face shape or a sunken appearance to lips and cheeks. Bone loss can also cause dentures to loosen significantly.  Implants stimulate the bone, allowing it to remain over time.


Implants are primarily made from titanium, the same material used to replace joints in your body. Titanium is not only biocompatible, it’s STRONG. Bridges and partials flex, which may cause them to break. They also put stress on the supporting teeth as they flex. Titanium implants do not place stress on surrounding teeth.

 Though the thought of implants may sound intimidating and expensive, they can be quite affordable and worth considering. Because they are so strong, they are the closest option to your real teeth. Though the cost may be more than a bridge or denture, they will outlast both, making them the more cost-effective option in the long-term.