My name is Vikas. I think I’ll be able to provide some insights into what to expect during septoplasty. I recently underwent a septoplasty surgery from Pristyn Care which was performed to fix a deviated septum.

Unable To Sleep Due To Blocked Nose

When I was 5 years old, I got into an accident that resulted in a crooked nose. Later, the doctor confirmed the cause of this being a head-on collision while playing. Since then, I get a blocked nose with a mild headache even with the slightest change in the weather. It is difficult for me to breathe, even when I am trying to sleep. And even when I sleep, I snore loudly. 

As time went on, these episodes of sinusitis became frequent, which combined with severe pollen allergies made the symptoms worse, especially during seasonal changes. I manage to keep these symptoms under control with regular paracetamols and home remedies and steam inhalation. On an unfortunate day at work, the paracetamols did not help control the symptoms. On a friend’s recommendation, I made up my mind of consulting with Pristyn Care. 

After getting convinced with some positive testimonials and looking for several doctor’s profiles on their website, I booked an appointment. Immediately, I got a call from one of their medical coordinators. He told me, “You have booked an appointment for deviated nasal surgery through our app. Meanwhile, we request you to share the details of health insurance plans and some personal documents.” I was skeptical of sharing such details, but they assured me that none of the information would be preserved for privacy. I shared the same with them over Whatsapp. 

Diagnosed With Deviated Septum 

Next day I woke up and I got a notification from the Pristyn Care patient app confirming the appointment. At the pre-decided time, I consulted the doctor virtually through the application. I couldn’t believe that I was able to consult with the doctor from the comfort of my home. As the medical coordinator had a preliminary insight into my problem, the doctor straight away asked me about the symptoms. After a thorough discussion, he confirmed that the symptoms of chronic stuffy nose, disturbed sleep, frequent nosebleeds, headaches are primarily due to the deviated septum.

The doctor explained, “A deviated septum can be improved with a reconstructive surgery known as septoplasty. This takes about one and a half hours to complete. The main objective of the surgery is to remove excess cartilage or bone. This straightens the septum and the nasal passage. You won’t feel any pain as the whole surgery is performed under the influence of anesthesia.

Moreover, he tried to paint me a picture of the whole procedure as vividly as possible. He even explained the possibility of the surgery incurring some side effects which made me question the decision of undergoing the surgery at all. However, he explained that these side effects only occur when the patient doesn’t take proper preparatory steps for the surgery. I didn’t readily give my answer to the doctor as the cost was still a factor that bothered me.

It was only after a thorough discussion with my family that I came up with the discussion. The Pristyn Care medical coordinator and the clinic’s insurance team had helped relieve my burden by taking care of the entire procedure.

I notified the medical coordinator of the decision of undergoing the septoplasty as soon as possible. The date of the surgery was finalized.  He told me, “We are scheduling the surgery for the upcoming weekend. A cab will be waiting outside your door on the day of the surgery to take you and your family members to the hospital.

The Surgery 

Now that the burden of the expense of the septoplasty was taken care of by the insurance team and medical coordinator, I prepared myself for the surgery. I stopped consuming herbal supplements, blood thinners, or alcohol before the procedure and took the required steps in order to prepare for septoplasty. I also completed the diagnostic tests and shared the reports with the coordinator. 

On the day of the surgery, I went to the hospital keeping in mind the proper precautions such as no meal after midnight on the night before the surgery and taking a shower before the surgery. Without any further delays, I reached the hospital with an empty stomach. My mother accompanied me to the hospital. A Care Buddy was waiting at the hospital who completed the necessary formalities necessary for the admission. Within a couple of minutes, the paperwork was completed and I was guided to my private room and prepped for the surgery.

Within minutes, the doctor checked me followed by the anesthetist who sedated me with general anesthesia through an intravenous channel. After a couple of hours of unconsciousness, I woke up feeling mildly nauseated and a headache. Within minutes, the doctor visited and assured that the surgery had been completed and that there was no major complication during both surgeries.


I was discharged the next day, after a thorough checkup and changing the nasal packing. Initially, there was some pain and stuffiness inside the nose. Gradually, that subsided within a week as I rinsed the nose thoroughly with saline solution. Here are some tips that helped me get relief from the swelling and pain after the surgery. After the surgery, I followed the below-mentioned tips for faster recovery-

  • Avoided blowing the nose
  • While sleeping, I elevated my head by keeping extra pillows 
  • Avoided strenuous exercises
  • Wear clothes than don’t have to pull over the head 
  • Ate food items that are smooth and nutritious
  • Took prescribed pills at regular intervals
  • Rested properly for a week 

After a week, the doctor confirmed that I have covered a major part of the healing period and would be able to see results soon. I joined work within a couple of days. As expected, my crooked nose appeared straight and there was no swelling nor any pain. I don’t have any more episodes of a blocked nose nor any headache. I extend my gratitude to the Pristyn Care team for getting rid of my DNS problem.