Not all health insurance policies offer cover for exactly the same maladies, which is why it is so important to check the small print before you commit.

Even so, there are plenty of commonly covered medical complications that are more widely encompassed by insurers than you might think, so here is a look at just a few examples.

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Addiction issues

A variety of health insurance policies will allow you to get assistance if you are dealing with addiction to drugs and alcohol, including providing you with the means to go through rehab so that you can get a handle on your issues in this area.

This is also something that is factored into life insurance policies, according to PolicyScout, although it is not a universal feature and exclusions may apply, so always read the small print.

Massage therapy

Chronic pain caused by illness, injury or plain genetic bad luck can be treated in a number of ways, and massage therapy is often an important part of the coping process.

Because of this, health insurance should be able to help you out if your doctor decides that frequent trips to a professional masseuse or other types of physical therapist is necessary.

Other alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, could also be part of the policy you pick. It is worth checking locally to see which services are available in your region, as this will play a part in determining how practical it is to actually take advantage of this cover.

Diet & nutrition guidance

With the rise in Telemedicine and the growing emphasis being placed on dietary health and nutritional awareness, it is perhaps unsurprising to see that more and more health insurance policies will cover the costs of speaking with specialists in this field to address complications associated with obesity.

Of course, it is not just patients who are obese and suffering the consequences who can seek assistance in this context, as in many places it is also a requirement that nutrition therapy is offered for those who are diabetic, regardless of the causes.

Cover can of course go beyond the mere therapeutic level and include surgeries designed to induce weight loss, such as bariatric surgery. This can be a more immediately impactful solution in some cases, as well as providing effective long term weight loss if other methods are not successful.

Mental health services

There is growing awareness around the globe at the moment when it comes to the complexities and universality of mental health. This has in part been inspired by changes in legislation which meant that health insurance cover for mental health is equal to that of other medical issues which might arise.

As such if you need psychiatric therapy to treat underlying issues that are having a negative effect on your day to day life, or if you suffer trauma that leads to stress and other complications, you can seek this as part of most policies.

Support to quit smoking

Smoking is still a major cause of death in the US and people who have this habit and want to stop may be able to get the help they need as part of their health insurance cover.

The support should include a mixture of counselling sessions along with medication designed to make quitting for good easier. This of course at the less extreme end of the addiction support spectrum, although like many aspects of cover it is something that should be taken on a state-by-state and policy-by-policy basis.

So as you can see, health insurance covers a lot more than you might think, and as long as you check the details of your policy carefully, you should be able to achieve the protection you need with relative ease.