New Zealanders, just like other people in the world, could be suffering from missing or unhealthy teeth for one reason or another. If you’re one of those people getting stressed about your oral health situation, an option you could look into is getting dental implants. These are surgically fixed replacement teeth, making them permanently set into the jawbone.

Depending on your situation, you might need to have an implant for one tooth or more. Regardless of the number, surgery is required to set these implants firmly in place. Once they have been implanted the right way, no one will be able to guess that you have them as they will look magnificently natural in your mouth.

The good news about dental implants is that their design has improved so much that they already look like regular teeth. If you want to have a great-looking smile again, you can start by inquiring about dental implants in Auckland. Below are some of the many benefits that you can enjoy once you decide to have dental implants.

  1. You Won’t Need To Remove Your Other Teeth

If your remaining teeth are still sound and healthy, there’s no need to remove them even if you opt for dental implants. Your dental surgeon would know how to set the replacement teeth to look natural and similar to your existing teeth. This is good news because people would generally want to retain their regular teeth for as long as possible.

  1. It Will Be Cost-Effective In The Long Run

Yes, the cost of surgery is rather high, which is also true for each dental implant. However, if you factor in the extent of your oral health improvement after you underwent dental implant surgery, you’ll see that, over time, you’d be paying less and less for regular dental hygiene upkeep and subsequent visits to the dentist.

  1. You Gain More Confidence In Public Activities

One of the benefits of implants is that you won’t have to worry so much when eating in public or speaking in front of people. If implanted the right way, your replacement teeth will be stable, meaning they won’t wiggle loose or fall from your mouth. This makes dental implants better than other types of replacement teeth (dentures, in particular, which can cause embarrassment if they come loose in public).

  1. You Become More Conscious About Oral Health

A great benefit when you opt for dental implants is that you’ll be more conscientious of the state of your teeth. If you lead a busy life that sometimes prompts you to have an uneven oral hygiene practice, getting dental implants to replace rotten or worn-out teeth will challenge you to step up your oral health game so that your remaining teeth don’t weaken. As a result, brushing and flossing would be done religiously, and gargling with mouthwash after every brushing. It could even inspire you to watch what you eat, always considering your teeth’s health.

  1. Your Implants Are More Comfortable Than Dentures

Another reason why people choose dental implants is that they offer more comfort compared to having and maintaining dentures. You could bite or chew without pain after recovering from surgery, and there’s no need to remove or adjust it every so often. But with dentures, you sometimes need to set it in place by yourself, which can be awkward if you’re in public, like a restaurant. It’s also easy to take care of implants by regularly brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash as you would with your regular teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, would need to be cradled in your palm to be cleaned under running tap water.

  1. Dental Implant Surgery Is 95% Effective

The success rate of dental implant surgery is 95%. With a high success rate, it will indeed feel better to pay for one. The remaining percentage deals with those few instances when an implant doesn’t fuse well with the bone. Thus, another surgery has to be scheduled to remove it. It might be better to discuss this possibility with your dental surgeon so that you’ll be ready if such an event occurs. It’s also good to consult with dental implant experts, such as those from Dental Artistry, to get further professional opinions.

  1. Dental Implants Are Sturdy And Durable

Initially, you might be worried about the dental implants breaking when you bite or chew, for example. The good news is that the science behind this technology has become so advanced that the implants could be just as tough as your regular teeth. Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t use your implants to do harsh actions deliberately, such as biting on ice. Another benefit is that the implants won’t develop cavities. To serve you well, you need to do your part and take care of them daily.

  1. Dental Implants Could Last You A Lifetime

Dental implants will, indeed, last you many years. You can expect them to stay with you for up to 25 years on average, beginning from the surgery date onwards. The talent of the dental surgeon who set these prostheses in your mouth and the skills of the lab technician that designed your dental implants will also influence how long these implants would last. Thus, it’s imperative that you also take into consideration the proficiency of the dental professionals you’ll tap when looking to have dental implant surgery done.

Final Takeaway

Although some may point out that dental implant surgery is quite expensive, you should bear in mind that it will be money worth spending. The most significant benefit of having dental implants is, of course, your oral health would be so much better, not to mention you could become more attractive in the process. When in doubt about these benefits of dental implant surgery, ask your dentist if you can chat with patients who were previously fitted with implants. That way, you’ll be able to satisfy your curiosity while deciding on whether dental implants would be suitable for you.

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