Young athletes can commonly suffer injuries that go undetected for some time due to their commitment to craft and condition. This often means that there can be some surprisingly common and treatable conditions that younger athletes push through. Namely, Osgood-Schlatter. Osgood-Schlatter is described as swelling, tenderness or increased sensitivity below the knee and down the higher section of the shin. This is usually linked to activity that involves squatting, running or jumping, which typically cause forceful contractions of tendons and muscles. These contractions result in small delicate fractures which result in inflammation and pain. Bodies will respond by producing more bone, which creates bumps to form beneath the knee or at the area of injury. 

Who’s impacted by Osgood-Schlatter? 

As noted above, Osgood-Schlatter is commonly associated with younger athletes who undergo strenuous squatting, running and jumping on a regular basis. This can develop over time or emerge after a particularly intensive period of training. 

How can it be treated?

You should seek help from your GP and healthcare provider to determine whether you have Osgood-Schlatter or not, once you’ve consulted your doctor, you can implement a few changes to aid the healing process. Osgood-Schlatter is often treatable with simple rest and a few extra measures, that include:

Apply Ice: Ice applied for periods of around twenty minutes a couple of times a day can help to reduce swelling and painful inflammation. 

Limit Physical Activity: Avid rest and restoration are essential for healing Osgood-Schlatter. Time to heal and restore your bones can be tricky, particularly if you are an individual who exercises daily or who depends on activity in a professional capacity. In order to repair your symptoms long term, you absolutely have to rest. 

Visit a Professional: Consulting the talents of an accredited sports physiotherapist will aid you to recover responsibly and holistically. Guided recuperation is essential for athletes who are on the mend. Sports physio is tailored to your unique requirements and incredibly multifaceted, putting athletes on a path to full health and giving them the tools to avoid injuries down the line. 

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What is sports physiotherapy? 

Sports physiotherapy like Evoker is a specialised practice of physio that is tailored to treat sports people and those who lead an active lifestyle. Although this form of treatment was developed to treat, condition and repair the injuries of professional athletes, anyone who engages in regular exercise or who’s lifestyle involves a lot of movement will benefit from the attention of an accredited sports physio. Sports injuries, physical ailments and form will all be treated and tended to in order to place the patient is the best condition possible. This form of physio uses multiple treatment methods that include:

Massage: Remedial massage helps to keep muscles supple and joints mobile. This can also relieve tension or pain following injury or vigorous exercise. 

Dry Needling: Dry needling, also referred to as acupuncture, can relieve spasms or tensions within a muscle by targeting the source within the area and releasing built-up trauma. 

Ultrasound: This can help to identify areas of tension, injury or friction within muscles and joints. 

Exercises: Strengthening exercises will teach patients how to best condition and care for themselves outside of training and appointments. Physio, strengthening and mobility movements will all be used to ensure that patients are consistently in the best condition possible. 

Stretching: Flexibility is key to training effectively and for leading a comfortable lifestyle outside of the physical activity. Take home stretches and warm-up exercises will ensure that muscles are prepped for safe and effective use.